The Trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: War For Wakanda Sets Up the Klaw Raid

The Trailer for Marvel's Avengers: War For Wakanda Sets Up the Klaw Raid

Shuri, Wakanda’s newly-appointed Queen Regent, focuses on an animated Marvel’s Avengers trailer, which also teases Ulysses Klaw’s impending return.

The newly-released Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound task in War For Wakanda is being set up in a new animated Marvel’s Avengers teaser. Since its release, Crystal Dynamics’ multiplayer Marvel adventure has struggled to find its foothold. The company continues to provide free updates for the game, and the first Marvel Avengers raid is intended to help the game’s long-term health.

The battle system in Marvel’s Avengers has been praised, with each playable hero being dramatically different in terms of fighting style and accessible powers. The game, however, has been panned for its aggressive microtransaction structure and lack of major endgame content. The most recent update aims to loosen the game’s microtransaction focus by allowing players to earn cosmetics through gameplay. At the same time, the Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound objective will bring important endgame content. The nefarious Ulysses Klaw returns in Wakanda’s vibranium mines in this hard new raid, which follows the plot of Marvel‘s Avengers: War for Wakanda expansion. The Klaw Raid’s enigmatic puzzle areas will put players’ brains and collaboration to the test. At the same time, the raid’s combat confrontations will need immaculate teamwork from a max-level squad of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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The scenario of the Klaw Raid in Marvel’s Avengers is laid out in an animated teaser video titled War for Wakanda: A Queen’s Conundrum. In this latest comic-book-style film, Shuri, T’Challa’s sister, was named Wakanda’s Queen Regent at the end of the War for Wakanda storyline. Shuri ponders her brother’s effect on her fate in the teaser before disclosing the presence of multiple Wakandan satellites in orbit. These reconnaissance instruments enable the advanced African nation to remain attentive, which will be useful when Ulysses Klaw returns for the Discordant Sound raid.

The Klaw Raid and a slew of other quality-of-life improvements will be included in Marvel’s Avengers’ November 30 update. Still, PlayStation gamers will have even more new material to tackle now that they can play as Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers. Aside from that, the web-slinging hero has his own set of combat manoeuvres and traversal abilities. To get around, the friendly neighborhood crimefighter will be able to web-swing and wall run, and his web-based talents will make him a vital battlefield buddy. While there will be no new plot for the console-exclusive wall-crawler, a series of missions will describe Spider-past Man’s and explore his relationship with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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While Marvel’s Avengers has never quite recovered from its rocky start, Klaw Raid: Discordant Sounds appears to be a positive stride forward. The endgame gauntlet will put a whole squad of even seasoned players to the test. At the same time, the November 30 update also includes quality-of-life improvements like reworked gear and erasable cosmetics. With Shuri’s status as Wakanda’s Queen Regent setting up another conflict within the nation’s precious vibranium mound, this update also serves as a continuation of the ever-evolving Marvel’s Avengers plot.

Marvel’s Avengers are available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox One and PC, and Google Stadia.

Source: Marvel’s Avengers/YouTube