MK (Mortal Kombat) Sonya Blade Cosplay Revives Her Retro Uniform

MK (Mortal Kombat) Sonya Blade Cosplay Revives Her Retro Uniform

Sonya Blade, one of the Mortal Kombat franchise’s oldest and most known combatants, is brought to life by a talented piece of cosplay.

Sonya Blade, one of the Mortal Kombat franchise’s oldest and most well-known “kombatants,” was recently recreated by a brilliant cosplayer. Since 1992, the deadly fighting game franchise has provided an ever-growing community of players with fast-paced action, gory finishing moves, and unforgettable characters. Despite the monstrous nature of several series stalwarts, mortal Kombat cosplays have proven extremely popular among those dedicated to dressing up for a beatdown.

The Mortal Kombat series has produced many selectable characters that are still recognizable today after over 30 years. The original game’s seven deadly kombatants, particularly the opposing duo of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, are still regarded lock-ins for each new sequel in the violent story. Cosplays of the two elemental ninjas and other legendary characters like Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and Raiden are common, and multiple sequels and spin-offs have introduced even more bizarre designs. In 2015’s Mortal Kombat X, the insectoid beast D’Vorah was debuted, and even this winged warrior has been recreated with exquisite prosthetics and makeup. Mileena’s demonic jaws are replicated utilizing film-worthy makeup effects in cosplay of Mortal Kombat X’s Mileena design.

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Redditor Tniwe recreated Sonya Blade’s famous outfit from the original arcade fighting game in a picture-perfect Mortal Kombat cosplay. Even though the military-grade warrior has undergone numerous redesigns and cosmetic costumes over the years, this outfit is based on her classic 1992 look. Tniwe faithfully recreates Sonya’s original look, including her haircut, gleaming white sneakers, strange armbands, and red lipstick. Tniwe’s kombat-ready position is preserved, with one fist raised forward and the other ready to strike at her opponent.

My classic Sonya Blade (MK1) cosplay from MortalKombat

My classic Sonya Blade (MK1) cosplay from MortalKombat

Although the mercilessly gory fighting game franchise has gone a long way, many Mortal Kombat fans, such as Tniwe, are still faithful to the series’ 1990s roots. In 2019, Mortal Kombat 11 introduced tremendous character customization and incredibly photorealistic graphics, yet many fans still want to see the classic Mortal Kombat trilogy remastered. Eyeballistic, an independent game developer, recently started a petition to construct such a project, using 4K-rendered pictures of classic games as a proof-of-concept. Despite the approval of series co-creator Ed Boon, the indie firm claims that they submitted the idea to Warner Bros. five years ago and were rejected down. With cosplayers like Tniwe recreating vintage character designs, it appears that a remake of the franchise’s earliest installments is in demand.

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The Mortal Kombat franchise has amassed many characters and a large fighting game fandom over nearly 30 years of spectacular battles and time-bending tales. While some gamers are pleased to play as their favorite characters in games, others go over and above by dressing up as these fighters in cosplay. Tniwe’s Sonya Blade reconstruction is a throwback to Mortal Kombat’s classic roots, bringing the franchise’s most vicious woman into the real world.

Source: Tniwe/Reddit (12)