The Winter Event for Pokémon Unite Will Include a Frosty Map and Dragonite

The Winter Event for Pokémon Unite Will Include a Frosty Map and Dragonite

The latest Pokémon UNITE event gives the arena maps a winter wonderland makeover and adds Dragonite to the list of playable characters.

In the game’s newest holiday event, the arena map of Pokémon UNITE will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Players were shown a few new and thrilling holiday celebrations in a sneak peek video. These celebrations will include not just a wintry overlay but also Christmas attire for players and Pokémon and a new addition to the playable Pokémon roster.

Gamers can battle real players or wild Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE, a free-to-play game available on the Nintendo Switch and in the app store. Typically, two teams of five battle it out to see who can use their Pokémon’s many powers to be the finest there has ever been. Players can collect energy, also known as Aeos, while fighting each other and utilize it to earn points in goals placed up across the arena. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Unlike most Pokémon games, players are given a roster of Pokémon to choose from in various classes, after which they can level up by battling other players.

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According to a new preview from Pokemon UNITE, the flying-type Dragonite will be added to the roster of playable Pokémon. This brings the total number of playable Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE to 29. Dragonite will be counted as an “All-Rounder,” meaning they are capable of both offensive and endurance. The teaser also revealed a layer of frost, snow, and ice covering each venue, adding to the Christmas event’s winter wonderland ambiance. This is the first time since the game’s release that Pokémon UNITE has updated its arenas. The game also appears to offer a snowball fight in this winter wonderland. When Pokémon are KO’d, they can toss snowballs at each other and turn other players into snowmen.

The preview also showed new costumes for the players and their Pokémon. It comes with a Santa hat for the Pokémon to wear and winter clothing. Pokémon UNITE is known for including fun attire for both Pokémon and players, and it appears that this event will be no different. A new animation of a sled transporting characters to other regions of the arena was also seen during the movie. In this animation, Pikachu hops aboard a sled and flies from one base to the next. When a player attacks another Pokémon, and animation also plays. During each hit, a present appears, indicating that the attack was effective.

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There were only 20 playable characters in Pokémon UNITE when first published. UNITE players are now seeing fresh updates to the game with each event and season. Players may look forward to seeing their favorite Pokémon as more characters are added to the list. On December 15th, the Pokémon UNITE holiday event will be available on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Source: Pokemon UNITE/YouTube