Fans of Marvel’s Avengers Criticize the MCU’s Inaccurate Hair Skin of Kate Bishop

Fans of Marvel's Avengers Criticize the MCU's Inaccurate Hair Skin of Kate Bishop

Fans of Marvel’s Avengers are dissatisfied with the new Kate Bishop skin, with some comparing her hair to that of the Disney+ series.

The new microcontroller Fans have slammed the Kate Bishop skin for Marvel’s Avengers for its inaccurate hair. Some believe it deviates too far from Hailee Steinfeld’s haircut in the Disney+ original series. However, one of the most appealing aspects of Marvel’s Avengers is the chance to play as well-known Marvel characters. Furthermore, Crystal Dynamics has added MCU-inspired suits to the game on occasion, bringing big-screen adaptations. From Hawkeye‘s Captain America: Civil War skin to Thor’s MCU Avengers armour, fans can dress up as their favourite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have also been several hints regarding future MCU characters entering the fight, such as actress Krizia Bajos implying that a She-Hulk DLC will be released.

Since the game’s introduction, cinematic cosmetics have been updated regularly, with many suits released in connection with MCU films. It began with Crystal Dynamics releasing a set of Avengers: Endgame-inspired clothes and has now expanded to include cosmetics from Black Widow, including Yelena and a few alternative Natasha Romanoff skins. On January 20, the developers uploaded Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye costume to Disney+, based on Hailee Steinfeld’s portrayal of the character. The purple tactical suit is a replica of Clint Barton’s on-screen uniform, and it complements him flawlessly.

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Despite the positive reviews, some fans have critiqued the Kate Bishop skin from Marvel’s Avengers on Twitter, alleging that the cosmetic has an incorrect haircut. “Kate doesn’t have her accurate hairstyle,” said Twitter user Leonardo (via Comic Book), accusing Crystal Dynamics of laziness. Many of the responses echoed this opinion, albeit it may not necessarily reflect the feelings of the whole player population. Others used the chance to criticize the developer’s priorities, stating that there are more essential things to worry about than adding new cosmetic items regularly.

This isn’t the first time Fans have panned marvel’s Avengers MCU skins. While the hair of the fourth MCU-inspired Black Widow skin was acclaimed for its authenticity, earlier Black Widow cosmetics did not have the film-accurate haircut. As a result, there was a significant difference between the newest skin and the three previous versions, prompting fans to wonder why Crystal Dynamics didn’t change the previous variants. It’s especially aggravating for fans who paid actual money for the skins to utilize them in the game’s extensive photo mode. The new MCU Kate Bishop skin can be argued in the same way. Although the purple costume and bow are near-perfect replicas of Hawkeye’s TV version, Hailee Steinfeld’s appearance and her appearance are drastically different.

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Crystal Dynamics appears to be having a hard time with Marvel‘s Avengers. Though there have been improvements to the game, such as the Spider-Man DLC for Marvel’s Avengers, the player population continues to shrink. However, this hasn’t stopped the developers from trying. Each week, fresh skins and materials are introduced to the site. Marvel’s Avengers’ skins and cosmetics cost $3,000 as of November, with the total cost likely to be significantly higher by January 2022.

Source: Leonardo/Twitter (via Comic Book)