Halo Infinite Player Discovers a Tiny Warthog That Should Be In The Game

Halo Infinite Player Discovers a Tiny Warthog That Should Be In The Game

A Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview participant discovers and drives a small Warthog, and players don’t need it patched out.

During the foremost recent Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview, a Reddit user discovered a remarkably tiny (and drivable) Warthog. Developer 343 Industries has held two beta-like playtests for the game’s free-to-play portion thus far. Therefore the next Halo Infinite tech preview is hospitable to all registered members of the Halo Insider program – the studio’s dedicated public playtesting system.

Many players invited to the Halo Infinite multiplayer tech previews have provided feedback about their experiences thus far, a number of the good and a few of the bad. As are often expected from a pre-release build, many glitches are spotted, including but not limited to grenades spawning infinite wet floor signs on certain maps. While support tickets and fan requests are unlikely to be answered by the game’s December launch, the newest tech preview also provided some new insights into what is often expected at release. A Halo Infinite datamine leaked armor, emblems, and more by peering into the tech preview’s hidden files, but nothing within the leak mentioned miniature versions of classic Halo vehicles.

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One Halo Infinite beta participant, Reddit user AutumnEntracte, discovered a pint-sized Warthog on the battlefield and recorded their brief experience driving it. The 20-second encounter with the incongruously small Spartan vehicle shows viewers a model no different from the Warthogs players have moved throughout the Halo franchise (except in size).

343, please let this tiny hog be a feature! from halo

Some users expressed dismay that the oddity didn’t survive long on the battlefield. In defense of the player who slew the small Warthog, Un_Mexa_Random acknowledged, “We don’t know if they might see the small Warthog or a traditional one,” raising the likelihood that it had been a client-side Halo Infinite glitch only the affected player could see. Original poster AutumnEntracte added during a comment, “Imagine how small the mongoose could become? Minigoose when 343?” For now, the probabilities of mini-versions of more Halo Infinite vehicles coming to the complete game seem slim, but this rare glitch might not be addressed quite just yet.

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Those enamored with the mini-hog can buck up knowing there is a very real chance more miniaturized Halo vehicles could appear within the upcoming September 30 multiplayer tech preview. The Halo Insider playtests thus far are limited to Arena game types like Slayer, Strongholds, and Capture the Flag. Still, Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle will debut during subsequent tech preview weekend, meaning the mode’s vehicular focus could greatly increase the chances of more tiny Warthogs appearing.

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