Marvel’s Avengers Leak Suggests Yelena, Iron Heart, Or Shuri Will Appear Soon

Marvel's Avengers Leak Suggests Yelena, Iron Heart, Or Shuri Will Appear Soon

Before She-Hulk supposedly debuts later this year, a Marvel’s Avengers leak suggests that Yelena, Iron Heart, or Shuri may appear in the game.

According to a known leaker, Marvel’s Avengers could encounter Yelena, Iron Heart, or Shuri, among other contenders, before She-expected Hulk’s debut later this year. In 2020, Marvel’s Avengers had a rocky start, and some argue an even rocky first year. The pre-release of Marvel’s Avengers was marred by controversy, ranging from unpopular character designs to the game’s reviled pre-order procedure. In addition, players complained that the live-service material was lackluster and lacked the crucial components for longevity after the game launched, and further troubles arose. According to reports, Marvel’s Avengers on PC lost 96% of its gamers within two months of release, and Crystal Dynamics has failed to make a profit despite the addition of excellent DLC characters like Spider-Man.

With the additions of Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Black Panther, Marvel‘s Avengers superhero lineup has grown significantly. A leaker reported earlier this week that She-Hulk, voiced by Krizia Bajos, will be the next DLC character for Marvel’s Avengers. Although the leak has yet to be validated, Krizia Bajos did reshare the leaker’s tweet, adding a green heart symbol before swiftly deleting it. Her remark indicates her involvement with the game and Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She is impending Hulk’s release. Miller, who previously stated Christopher Judge would voice Black Panther before it was officially released, added to the leak’s legitimacy by leaking the prospective Marvel’s Avengers She-Hulk DLC.

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Miller indicated that Marvel’s Avengers might acquire Yelena, Iron Heart, or Shuri before She-Hulk, according to TheGamer, as proven in a video by YouTuber Sadot The Gamer. Miller, according to the content creator, revealed to them hints about the game’s roster’s future. According to the YouTuber, the next DLC character will be an echo, which means they will not have a unique move set and will instead be a reskin of an existing character. Clues also hint at the next character being a female superhero who isn’t affiliated with Spider-Marvel Man’s universe. This leaves a tiny pool of candidates, including Shuri as a Black Panther, reskin, Iron Heart as an Iron Man reskin, and Yelena as a Black Widow reskin.

While Miller has been proven correct in the past, there is no proof that Yelena, Iron Heart, or Shuri will appear in Marvel’s Avengers. Likewise, there is currently no word on whether She-Hulk will be added to the roster of future Marvel Avengers heroes. Beyond Miller, though, other characteristics lend legitimacy to the leak. Given the present lineup of Marvel’s Avengers, it has been suggested that more female heroes are required. A strategic strategy to develop the game’s female representation would be to use characters like Yelena or Shuri, who have just joined the ranks of prominent MCU characters.

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A lengthy variety of Marvel heroes have expressed interest in joining the Avengers. There is no shortage of DLC characters with Phase Four of the MCU in full gear and hundreds of comic book narratives to draw from. Crystal Dynamics will need to continue to wow fans with a wider range of super-powered characters, as it did with the release of Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man DLC.

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