Digital Minimalism: Tips for Simplifying Your Online Life

Digital Minimalism: Tips for Simplifying Your Online Life

Here we can see, “Digital Minimalism: Tips for Simplifying Your Online Life”

Don’t allow your hurried digital life to get the best of you. Here are all the guidelines you’ll need to attain digital minimalism and mental clarity.

Cleaning your house in the springtime may be energizing. Removing physical clutter gives you a new perspective, helping you refocus and get more organized. Material belongings aren’t the only type of clutter you may get rid of. Because we live in a digital-first era, it’s easy to overlook digital clutter.

Digital tools are ubiquitous, from cellphones to TVs, PCs to tablets, whether you’re working from home, commuting to work, or caring for the kids. Digital minimalism is a simple method to cut down on your digital time and make more time for the real world.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of ways to make your digital life easier.

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40+ Ways to Make Your Digital Life Easier

# Tip
File Management
1 Declutter your devices by removing unnecessary files and apps.
2 Reorganize your most-used apps and categorize them into easy-to-access folders.
3 Organize your PC’s files in to folders that are sorted by category or date.
4 Back up your important files like birth certificates, bank statements, and your resume. Use encryption.
5 Embrace cloud computing by storing your files and folders via online storage.
6 Name your files and photos so you can easily find them.
Social Media
7 Remove the social media accounts that you no longer use or are easily distracted by.
8 Find offline alternatives to social media and arrange to socialize with your friends and family in-person.
9 Stop reacting to posts on social media and step away from any potential arguments.
10 Unfollow people on your social media platforms you no longer have an interest in.
Desktop Customization
11 Tidy up your desktop by using a simple skin from Rainmeter.
12 Install software updates and apps in one go using software like Ninite to stop you from becoming too distracted.
13 Organize your desktop by adding only necessary apps and programs.
14 Delete unused or unwanted emails once a day to stop your inbox from getting cluttered.
15 Unsubscribe from useless newsletters.
16 Make an effort to check your emails at specific times, removing the temptation to continuously check.
Mobile Phones
17 Turn off notifications that you waste too much time checking.
18 Hide your phone away or put it in a drawer for a small amount of time each day or week.
19 Go through your contacts and remove numbers that you don’t recognize or need.
20 Change your phone’s theme to black and white or grayscale to remove the enticing colors and vibrancy.
21 Download the right apps on your phone, like the Moment app which tracks your iPhone and iPad usage per day.
22 During your commute, keep your phone out of sight and enjoy the scenery or bustle around you.
23 Remove any work apps or work emails from your personal phone.
24 Train yourself to ignore the fear of missing out by not checking or responding to notifications so quickly.
25 Avoid starting and ending your day by checking your phone.
26 Use your phone for its purpose rather than to kill time.
Web Browsing
27 Keep track of all your passwords by using a password manager.
28 Minimize your website accounts and close any that you no longer use.
29 Track your time spent online with a useful tool like Toggl to make you more accountable.
30 At the end of the day or evening, close all of your tabs.
31 Set internet-free time aside by disabling your internet connection or sticking to a schedule.
Digital Detox
32 Take yourself away from the digital world for one day once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.
33 Combine your digital chores and eliminate them in one sitting of one hour per day.
34 Place your tech devices in a different room so that you can turn off from technology.
35 List all of your digital devices and remove any that are not necessary.
36 Set an end time to step away from all digital material per day.
37 During the day, limit yourself to one screen at a time.
38 Limit your screen time and ensure your offer yourself a five-minute break every hour.
39 Take a walk in the fresh air once a day.
40 Make a list of your hobbies or new interests that you want to explore.
41 During quieter periods, indulge in an educational activity like reading.
42 Engage more in physical activities that allow you to relieve stress and promote a healthier lifestyle.
43 Hold yourself accountable and consider whether you really need to take your phone/tablet/laptop with you.
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Make Yourself a Gatekeeper

The pursuit of digital minimalism is a never-ending effort. It’s easy to remove unwanted components from your life, yet they rapidly reappear, just like clutter.

By taking control of your digital clutter, you can ensure that you only allow in what you want and reject any digital content that does not add value to your life.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the form below.

User Questions

1. What is the definition of digital minimalism?

Digital minimalism is a subset of minimalist philosophy that focuses on the role of technology in our lives. Digital minimalism is a philosophy that encourages you to consider which digital communication tools (and the behaviors that go along with them) add the greatest value to your life.

2. What are the benefits of digital minimalism?

Being a digital minimalist will improve your quality of life by giving more significance and worth to the objects around you and reducing the amount of time you spend on digital gadgets. It will also increase your concentration and filter out information that is unimportant to you.

3. What are the benefits of minimalism?

You may considerably reduce the time and worry of changing homes by becoming a minimalist. When you own fewer goods, you’ll spend considerably less time packing boxes, loading items into a moving truck, and setting up your new house, making home moves much easier.

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