Fallout 76 Confirms Zorbos’s Return and Season 7 Roadmap

Fallout 76 Confirms Zorbos's Return and Season 7 Roadmap

Zorbo’s Revenge, the seventh season of Fallout 76’s post-launch content, will be released on December 8 and include a range of new perks.

The next season of Fallout 76, Zorbo’s Revenge, has been confirmed by Bethesda Game Studios. It will be released on December 8 and include a range of new content for players. Zorbo’s Revenge is the seventh season of post-launch DLC for Fallout 76. It will offer new rank awards, daily and weekly tasks, allies, weekend activities, and seasonal events, similar to previous seasons. The Unstoppables vs The Diabolical, Fallout 76’s sixth season, is poised to end in just a few days, and Zorbo’s Revenge will officially take over Appalachia.

The online action role-playing game had a rocky start in 2018, sparking a slew of controversy among its user base. However, to resurrect the game, Bethesda released a slew of modest upgrades, followed by larger changes, such as introducing free seasonal post-launch content to entice players and develop the community. Fallout 76’s first season began with The Legendary Run update, which allowed players to play as Captain Cosmos, Fallout’s space hero, as he raced against the wicked Zorbos in a galactic board game with many objectives. Along with new quests, monsters, characters, legendary items, and mechanics like the Public Team system and the potential to reach Fallout 76’s rank 100 caps, each update has included new quests, monsters, characters, legendary items, and mechanics like the Public Team system.

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The reappearance of the nefarious Dr Zorbos is the major attraction at the start of Fallout 76’s seventh season. After losing to Captain Cosmos in the first season, players will help Dr Zorbo become Emperor of the Universe in this new adventure (Bethesda). To destroy his arch-nemesis, he must assemble a squad of “intergalactic” criminals and construct a war machine. This, like every previous season, will be accomplished through levelling up on Fallout 76’s battle pass, also known as Zorbo’s Revenge Scoreboard. Skins, C.A.M.P. goods, Atoms, Perk Card Packs, and more will be unlocked as you progress through the scoreboard. A Dr Zorbo costume, an Alien Shooting Gallery, and a Vault Boy West Virginia Slot Machine are among the new items teased, with many more to be unlocked as players progress.

In addition, two new Fallout 76 friends will be unlocked and found in their respective settlements as part of the latest update. Katherine is a conspiracy theorist and astronomer, and Xerxo is a ghoul in a spacesuit who claims to be from another planet. Both friends feature distinct voice lines and provide various benefits that can be recharged every 24 hours. The two new radio plays are the final new feature of the new season. Dr Zorbo will be heard as he goes from one planet to the next on his quest to build a criminal crew capable of taking down Captain Cosmos.

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While the next season has been formally unveiled ahead of its debut, the community calendar for Fallout 76 Season 7 appears to have even more planned, with users being able to play until March 2022. In January, Fasnacht Day will return, followed by a Valentine’s Day celebration in February and a hidden seasonal event in March. After Season 7’s initial release on December 8, when Dr Zorbos launches his plans to take over the universe – starting with West Virginia – curious players can expect to hear more.

Fallout 76 is a video game that can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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