Minecraft’s Dance Dance Revolution Machine Is a True Scorekeeper

Minecraft's Dance Dance Revolution Machine Is a True Scorekeeper

A resourceful Minecraft user created a functioning reproduction of the game Dance Dance Revolution to pass the time in their game.

One creative Minecraft user has recreated the exercise game Dance Dance Revolution as a pleasant way to pass the time in-game. This isn’t the first time a Minecraft player has created a popular real-world game to pass the time while trapped inside their blocky universe. In Minecraft, one player created a chessboard using item frames as spaces and things as pieces.

Minecraft has been utilized as a medium to express players’ creativity and a completionist game since its release. Massive constructions and entire cities have been developed by players in both real and fictitious worlds. However, users have utilized Redstone in Minecraft to make automated farms, computers, and other astonishing devices. These massive machines and inventions have no use in the game and are made to wow other players most of the time. That doesn’t change that these spectacles took a lot of time, effort, and precision to build.

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The next spectacular Minecraft builds by Redditor MrMajo, who showcased the classic game Dance Dance Revolution. MrMajo managed to develop a functioning replica of the game that records whether players can match the rhythm using no command blocks and a lot of Redstone. The beat is displayed on multiple Redstone lamps in front of the players, and they move forward, backward, and side-to-side to match it. Other Redstone bulbs serve as an analog scoreboard on which players can keep track of their progress.

I made a Dance Dance Revolution machine in Minecraft (no commands) from Minecraft

Some of the most mind-blowing Minecraft constructions are made possible by Redstone’s immense strength. In Minecraft, one user created a working escalator, making it easier to navigate the blocky landscape. However, the number of resources required and how clumsy these machines are may not be useful in practice. However, being able to build and display such functional machines is a significant achievement.

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Minecraft is becoming more and more a social game as people join multiplayer servers and communicate with their peers. It’s a fun endeavour to create a fun game like Dance Dance Revolution that numerous players may enjoy together. Even if players don’t break a sweat as much as they would in the real-life version of Dance Dance Revolution, they may get a virtual workout assembling this in-game contraption before they begin playing.

Minecraft is a game that may be played on a computer, a PlayStation, a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox, or a mobile device.

Source: MrMajo/Reddit