Apple’s Vision? Apple Sighting? Apple’s AR/VR Headset Will Be Called What?

Apple's Vision? Apple Sighting? Apple's AR/VR Headset Will Be Called What?

Apple fans have already been accused of wearing Apple Goggles, but a few more names for the company’s AR/VR headset have been suggested, and they all ring true.

Apple is reported to be working on a virtual reality headset with augmented reality features. Still, nothing concrete has surfaced beyond leaked internal code names as to what it would be called. Of course, that didn’t stop one of Apple’s most well-known leakers from speculating on the company’s naming policy. Apple clearly considers every detail of a significant new device, and poor naming can cause issues both at launch and in the future.

Apple goods are nearly always a hit, with the HomePod being the striking exception. Apple targeted the high-end market, launching late against established smart speakers from Amazon and Google. The larger and better-sounding HomePod, on the other hand, lacked the smart home capability. Perhaps Apple Audio would have been a better name, indicating that the main focus was on sound quality, with smart speaker features provided as a bonus. Although naming does not make or break a product, it is critical and has implications for future gadgets. Unfortunately, apple’s new smart speaker is still known as HomePod small, which is a terrible moniker.

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Even Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, the most cited Apple leaker, doesn’t know the name of Apple’s AR/VR headgear, but he ran through a list of six conceivable techniques and established a case for each. Apple Goggles, for example, is a ‘fun’ name that Gurman likes but doesn’t like since it conjures up images of swimming or eye protection. Fans are frequently accused of looking at the world through Apple Goggles without wearing the company’s branded device on their heads. Adding AR, VR, XR, MR, or SR to a product seems improbable because it binds the product into a specific perspective on technology. Those acronyms stand for augmented and virtual reality and the less commonly used words extended, mixed, and simulated reality. In patents, Apple has supported SR, but that’s a technical word, not one that should be used to promote a product. Apple Vision is the most likely name, and there are various reasons to assume it will be chosen.

Is There an Apple Vision AR/VR Headset?

For more than a decade, Mark Gurman has covered Apple goods. He has a deep understanding of Apple’s thinking and regularly communicates with insiders who give tasty nuggets of knowledge that are meant to be kept secret. As a result, Gurman’s speculation must be taken seriously. Although Apple Reality came in second, Apple Vision was chosen as the winner. The word “vision” implies that the device is designed for a compatible new visual medium. Apple Reality is a play on the term of the technology without specifying a specific variation. It would be compatible with the alleged rOS or reality operating system in development.

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Apple Sight or iSight were two other possible names. However, Apple produced an iSight webcam, so it would be rehashing an existing term if this is the name. Apple Lens was highlighted, even though Microsoft’s HoloLens is a similar device with a similar name, and Google Lens is well-known. While Apple’s Macintosh computer was named after a popular apple variety, the company hasn’t employed that tactic since. Gurman may not be up to date on Apple’s name in this case, as Apple View was not mentioned, but it appears to be a viable alternative to Apple’s AR/VR headset.

Source: Bloomberg