Yuumi in League of Legends Is Playable With Broken Fingers, Player Demonstrates

Yuumi in League of Legends Is Playable With Broken Fingers, Player Demonstrates

Yuumi, the League of Legends support champion, can be played with several damaged fingers, according to a video on Reddit.

Support champion Yuumi, according to one League of Legends player, is simple enough to play even with two shattered fingers. Unfortunately, the Magical Cat champion is typically referred to as one of League of Legends’ lowest-skilled heroes, and this new video proves it more than ever.

Yuumi is a one-of-a-kind support character who debuted in League of Legends in 2019.

 Yuumi’s kit, like that of most Enchanter champions, is centered on healing and boosting allies. The ability to link herself to those ally champions was the most distinctive part of Yuumi’s kit. Yuumi is no longer targetable by opponents while linked; however she can only attack her foes with spells. Yuumi has been dubbed “one of the easiest champions in League of Legends” because she does not require positioning or auto-attacking adversaries. According to a new video, the ability level required to play Yuumi is even lower than previously thought.

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The video, which was shared to Reddit by user Reddawg868, depicts a Yuumi game played by a player who recently shattered two fingers. Viewers can see that the player’s left hand is in a cast, making it impossible for them to type or use the mouse. While the right hand is still free to move the mouse, Reddawg868 devises an ingenious way to push keys with the left. Instead of risking accidentally pressing the wrong button with their cast hand, Reddawg868 holds a pen in their hand and taps the keys in sequence with the pen. Even though this process takes a long time, Reddawg868 appears to be unaffected, largely thanks to Yuumi’s equipment.

Broke 2 of my fingers, decided to pick up Yuumi. Things are going well 🙂 from leagueoflegends

Of course, the League of Legends community jumped on this, with gamers mockingly referring to Reddawg868 as one of their server’s most mechanically skilled Yuumi players. Others joked that, with to Yuumi’s lenient equipment, Reddawg868 would soon ascend the ranking ladder. Regardless, League of Legends players appears to be laughing heartily at Reddawg868’s demonstration of Yuumi’s ease in this video.

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With over 150 champions in League of Legends, it’s understandable that the community would chastise some for being too simple to play or too difficult to defeat. Unfortunately, Yuumi is just one example of someone who has drawn the wrath of League of Legends gamers, who are recognized for being among the most toxic in the industry. And, as one Yuumi player has demonstrated, playing the Magical Cat isn’t difficult.

League of Legends is available on PC.

Source: Reddawg868/Reddit