How to Locate Products to Sell on Amazon and Make Money

How to Locate Products to Sell on Amazon and Make Money

Here we can see, “How to Locate Products to Sell on Amazon and Make Money”

If you have a thought to start an online business, then Amazon would be the master plan. Its welcoming for beginners and highly profitable, overall due to Amazon’s sucess.

In the whole e-commerce market, this firm owns 50% of the share. So if your initiating to sell online, amazon would be an excellent platform. 

The most profitable thing that many of the sellers chose to have their private label for the unique or existing product to have your branding 

For the sake of profitable products, first, you need to undertake research which includes going over trends on google and another marketplace, gazing at top rank sellers on Amazon and utilizing product research tools to inspect demand and competitiveness. 

Which Product Types Should You Sell?

To choose conquering items and to find a good private label for your business, this guide will help you out as this process will be tough to figure out. 

It’s so rare that every private label product will make money; actually, certain kinds of items won’t even sell. That’s why it’s so important to have strict criteria when you’re looking to sell.

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Few things to keep in mind while searching for the best products to sell on Amazon FBA

High Demand:

Search for products with a minimum of 300 sales every month, which equals 10 sales a day, a good standard.

Low Competition:

To easily get on to the top rankings, you can identify the products rarely sold by others.

Not Many Reviews:

Customer review is a core part of Amazon’s search algorithm. It becomes complicated when the top products of all the niches have thousands of reviews. So spot the niche where the top sellers have less than 200

Weight Below 5lbs:

To save money while importing things from china, go for lightweight things because heavy items are more expensive to store and ship. Profit will be maximum when the expenses are minimum. 

Size under 18″ × 14 × 18″:

Since the large items occupy more shelf space, it results in extra costs for storage. So to save money prefer smaller items.

Sales Price Between $10 – $70:

Seeing expensive products won’t make any money from customers; even so, expensive products will scare customers off. So $10-$70 is generally the sweet spot.

Cost 25% Of Sale Price:

Seek the products you can sell effortlessly for four times what it costs to buy from a wholesale seller.

Everyday Use Items:

Items that people need daily tend to sell very well.

We cheer you up to plan your demand and keep an eye on the abovementioned guidelines. Nearly all the best goods to sell have the features above.

Where Do You Dig Out Products To Sell On Amazon?

Thus you are aware of what you’re looking for, from where you find items to sell?

  1. To figure out products to sell on Amazon:
  2. Dig inspiration on Pinterest 
  3. Checking on Amazon bestseller page
  4. Getting an idea of selling amazon trend reports will help you out.
  5. Make use of product research tools.
  6. Hit the best sellers links on Amazon product pages
  7. Carry out a keyword search 

To look at other marketplaces to know how the products are sold.

Take a glance at these sources and use items you find to inspire your private label. Let’s take a look at each of these strategies in detail. 


This platform used cam ‘pin’ photographs they like to the board, which all can view. These images are of products they are focused on, containing brand Name products or more Generic white-label stuff.

  1. Refer to
  2. Hunt for the products that you’re into it
  3. Click on the image that looks engaging and make a note of it.
  4. Visit Amazon and check if its sold there.

This is an excellent place to enter. The more pins an item has on Pinterest, the more its trending online; likewise, it’s the best way to find ideas for private labels. It would be a good chance to find trending on Pinterest but not available on Amazon. 

Check The Amazon Best Sellers Page

In the time of searching what sells most on Amazon also hottest and best-selling products, the effortless answer for this would be to visit their best sellers page 

  1. Go to the Amazon bestseller page.
  2. Hit the category you into it.
  3. Limit your search by picking several subcategories. 
  4. Make up a list of any products you think you’ll make good money on.

Consider that each of the top products found is set up on recent sales. Hence the conclusion might be influenced by fads or seasonal trends. Ensure to check yearly sales trends before making a final decision. 

Note The Amazon Trend Report

All the trending products on Amazon used to offer a page; thus, this would be a great resource for sellers to look at trending items with customers. 

  1. Go To Amazon Trend Report
  2. When you scroll down to the bottom, you can find the top trending item.
  3. To know more about additional products that are trending, hit the “learn more.”
  4. Note all the items that match your standard. 

To have an idea of the page, here’s the example. 

Activewear and sports gear are trending, displayed on their site. This will be kept on changing, so make sure to check frequently. 

Use Product Research Tools

To pick profitable products, there is much software to use. AMZScout product database is one of the effective things.

  1. Go to the AMZScout product database.
  2. Make use of search filters to define your standard. Based on sales, review, size, weight, you can search.
  3. Pick out the kinds of products you want to concentrate on. You can restrict your search to new items (included in recent times) or trending (product sales that have raised 20% or more in the past three months).
  4. To get results to click “find product.”
  5. You can create a list of items in which you into it.

Hit The Best Sellers link

If you’re conceiving an item in Amazon, click the bestseller link at the bottom to obtain more ideas. 

  1. Visit the listing of an item which your conceiding.  
  2. Scroll down till you find the links to the ranking category.
  3. You can also hit the link to see similar items ranking in that category. 

Its nothing but another way to approach the best sellers list. Even so, it makes you aware of the products in the niche which you’re intrested in.

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Under Go A Keyword Search

To find what are all the keywords getting more searches from shoppers. Here are some examples for executing this.

1. Google Trends

  1. At first, go to Google Trends.
  2. If you are interested in any product or niche type there.
  3. See the graph to get an Idea of trends all over the year.
  4. To obtain more ideas, click on “related queries. “
  5. Based on your discovery, create a list.

To have an idea of how you’ll be getting results from Google trends. 

As you thought by looking at “hedge trimmers,” you’ll see that people are most likely to use them in summer, but in winter, they fall back down. You preferably want to pick items which the amount of search throughout the year as it means more constant sales. 

2. Keyword Research Tools

Tools for keyword search are a lot, but AMZScout’s keyword search has the most out6featires like it lets you know how many searches a term receives.

  1. Visit the AMZScout keyword search tool. 
  2. If you are interested in a product or niche, type in.
  3. To know the keywords search volume history, hit the graph icon, also note the terms which got consistently high searches throughout the year. By using these, you can get some ideas.
  4. Based on Amazon’s most popular terms, build a list.

Remember that when more people are searching for one particular item, the more they are buying it, so high-demand products are established by this method.

Keep An Eye On Other Marketplaces

  1. Its worth seeing other sites well to know what’s trending there because Amazon is not the only one e-commerce to look for; there are a lot of other places too, like Alibaba, Aliexpress and Ebay.
  2. At Alibaba, they’ll have a section called “what’s trending now” to explore more categories. 
  3. Build a list of products that meets your criteria 
  4. Look where those products are mentioned on Amazon’s best sellers page.

When you get to know that something is trending in one place, then its sure that it would be trending in another place, too, as trends used to stretch across the internet. 

To Pick Out A Million Dollar Idea for your Product

Now you need an in-depth product research tool that will provide you with all the essential data to decide the final practical item, which makes the most money because, at this point, you’ll probably have a long list.

There is an AMZScout pro chrome extension that is user-friendly to analyze items quickly and effortlessly and figure out what are the most profitable items to sell on Amazon.

Here’s the way to make use of it.

  1. Firstly install the AMZScout pro extension. 
  2. When you finish searching the items using the methods above, go to
  3. When the search results occur, open the extension.
  4. Dig all the data, containing average monthly sales, sales trend, review, average price, etc.

You must choose Profit-making products with AMZScout. Now you would be choosing lightweight and small products if you followed the steps that we suggested to you earlier. So the next move is to make sure that the average sales should be more than 300 and the average review should be under 200; also, make sure that the average sales price is between $10-$70, which is our sweet spot.

Also, there are a couple of things you can act with the pro extension after verifying all that.

Look Over The Sales Trend: To see the item’s sales history in the past 2 years. Click the arrow on the left of the item and “product history ” also ensure that it sells throughout the year because seasonal items are only popular during some length of the year.

Work Out Your Sales Margin: The Amazon fees will be automatically calculated and show you how much you’ll be making on each sale. When you put the cost to source your items, including price to buy products, shipping expenses, etc., click the arrow to the left of the item and click profit calculator. 

Product And Niche Score: To know the breakdown of the niche’s profit, demand, and competition. Click on the niche score on the top right corner; also, to know the breakdown of individual items, click the score next to each product. Aim for a score of 7 or higher. 

Along with the vision found with the pro extension, utilize the requirements mentioned at the start of this guide to select the best product to make the most of it. To make a killer private label apply your creativity from those items.


As is evident that when you have a master plan and excellent tools, then searching for the items to sell on Amazon won’t be that hard to establish and build a successful private label business. 

User Questions

1. What exactly is FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a storage and delivery service provided by Amazon to assist business owners in selling their items. The products are then received, picked, and packed in the center by Amazon before being shipped to the consumer.

2. Is it possible to become wealthy using Amazon FBA?

You can’t argue with data, and they reveal that nearly half of Amazon sellers (44 percent) make up to $25,000 in sales per month. Consider that they spend fewer than 30 hours per week on their business on average, and you will see that, yes, Amazon FBA can make you rich!

3. How much of a cut does Amazon get?

Remember that Amazon takes a percentage of every item sold. Referral fees for media products are 15% of the overall sales price of a product, rather than the item price alone, and range from as low as 6% (personal computers) to as high as 45 percent (Amazon device accessories).

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