According to Rockstar Games Co-Founder, GTA 6 may be less edgy

According to Rockstar Games Co-Founder, GTA 6 may be less edgy

In an interview with Grand Theft Auto YouTube channel Killaz, Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King suggested that GTA 6 could break from the series’ paradigm.

Jamie King, the co-founder of gaming behemoth Rockstar Games, recently indicated in an interview that the next Grand Theft Auto 6 would depart from the series’ typical grim and sarcastic tone. Grand Theft Auto V, the most recent installment in the series, was released in 2013, and it sent players on a journey through the fictitious state of San Andreas and its Los Angeles-inspired city, Los Santos. Even though Rockstar released the GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition remaster collection this year, its rocky release is drawing new attention to what the future GTA 6 could bring to the table.

Rockstar could be working on more Grand Theft Auto – and other IP Red Dead Redemption – remasters in the future, with reports pointing to Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Grand Theft Auto V rereleases, all of which could put the creation of a Grand Theft Auto 6 on hold. GTA 6’s development has also been rumored to be particularly tumultuous, with some describing the project as “chaotic.”

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While conjecture about the production of Grand Theft Auto 6 appears to be rampant, rumors about the game’s actual content also appear. In a recent interview with Killaz, a YouTube channel dedicated to covering Grand Theft Auto content, Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King (who left the studio in 2006) shared some of his GTA-6-related thoughts. Rockstar was explained by King “I wouldn’t be surprised if the tone begins changing, and if it’s maybe not quite as edgy or as humorous,” he says. I think there’s a better chance for [them] to do something cheesy than they usually do.”

The Grand Theft Auto model, according to King, is a “wonderful machine” that has given Rockstar Games a lot of success. Grand Theft Auto games are known for their cheeky edginess and shock value, with violence, sexual themes, and other features judged undesirable for specific audiences almost always included. King went on to say that Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto series are “simply going to be fine, period,” implying that GTA 6 would succeed regardless of the direction Rockstar takes.

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Although King stated that “screwing up” the Grand Theft Auto “machine” is challenging, the release of the GTA Trilogy remasters may suggest otherwise. Rockstar has a praiseworthy portfolio of critically and financially renowned franchises between Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto. Still, this reputation can only last so long, significantly, if Rockstar underestimates the malleability of these IPs and the patience of its followers.

Source: Killaz/YouTube