GTA Trilogy Players Split on Whether New Update Is Effective

GTA Trilogy Players Split on Whether New Update Is Effective

GTA Definitive Edition gamers debate if Rockstar Games’ most recent update fixes some of the game’s most egregious issues.

The latest Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition update has sparked controversy over whether the patch goes far enough to address the remastered collection’s numerous flaws. After initial excitement for the GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas remasters swiftly turned to rage when the group launched with game-breaking flaws and glitches, publisher Rockstar Games apologized and promised significant adjustments.

Players have struggled to manoeuvre through excessively heavy rain, falling through the map due to random gaps in the level design, and the vehicle camera occasionally creeping uncomfortably near to player characters’ faces, among other GTA: The Trilogy issues. While there has been enough serious pressure on Rockstar and developer Grove Street Games to thoroughly address the games’ faults, there has also been plenty of accidental comedy gold discovered within these technical problems. As a result, a vast GTA Trilogy update was issued, which will fix over 100 of the game’s reported issues and flaws.

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Players have turned to r/GTA to analyze how the patch has (or hasn’t) corrected some of the most visible issues in GTA Definitive Editions. Gloriousgoy applauded the update for addressing the rains above, which no longer hinders players from seeing where they’re going at night. At the same time, Shawn thesheep noted how the recent GTA: The Trilogy patch reintroduced fog back to GTA: San Andreas’s game world like in the original release. TJGM compared Rockstar’s fog attempts to a fan mod built in the aftermath of GTA: The Trilogy’s polarising debut, and fernyjones provided a video of their character glitching through the ground even after the patch was deployed.

Fog come back again on playstation new update❤️ from GTA

Rockstar Fog vs Modders Fog from GTA

They finally fixed the rain with latest patch from GTA

At this point, I think it is humanly impossible for Rockstar Games to fix the Defective Edition. [Running on a PS5 with the latest patch 1.0.3] from GTA

When the GTA Definitive Editions were released on November 11, all game versions were plagued by these issues and more, but the PC version was at the focus of the controversy. Rockstar temporarily removed the game from the Rockstar Launcher for days due to mistakenly released code present at the launch before reinstating an upgraded version. The publisher’s alleged unwillingness to grant refunds to dissatisfied GTA: The Trilogy players hasn’t helped matters. Still, Rockstar recently provided the original GTA games for free to those who bought the PC remaster.

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GTA – Definitive Edition’s launch was far from perfect, and Rockstar has promised to resolve more of the collection’s faults in the coming weeks and months. Although there is still work to be done before the GTA can reach the high standards set by the franchise’s previous installments, the patches supplied by Rockstar and Grove Street Games’ first significant update appear to be a promising start.

Grand Theft Auto: The Definitive Edition is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with iOS and Android versions coming in H1 2022.

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