7 Effortless Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

7 Effortless Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Here we can see, “7 Effortless Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers”

For starters, increasing your Instagram followers and engagement rates might require a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, Instagram’s continual upgrades over the years have made it more difficult for users to interact with other accounts regularly.

As a result, here are some crucial recommendations to remember before attempting to increase your Instagram followers:


You’ll have to limit the number of activities you execute per session because Instagram has an action block restriction.

Repetitive direct-messaging, following, or even liking will be subject to the auction block. The activity block was implemented by Instagram to ‘protect its community.’ However, it appears to harm some of its users. Instagram, as a social media platform, has ironically lost its social features.

As a result, because you can’t spam it, the follow/unfollow strategy isn’t as successful ‘alone.’ There are, however, groups that encourage it, which I shall discuss further in this essay.

Worse, there is a plethora of generic advice available on the internet. For example, if you Google the phrase “how to build your Instagram followers,” you might see the following suggestions: use hashtags, publish at the proper times, post regularly, and so on.

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But these suggestions don’t always work as well as we would want. It won’t be easy, especially for new accounts looking to gain initial followers and interaction. Your initial post is unlikely to receive hundreds or thousands of likes.

How about growth-oriented services? You may buy phony followers or likes from a variety of social media growth providers on the market. They are, however, extremely harmful to your account and violate Instagram’s TOS. As a result, this option is no longer an option.

What do we do if the organic reach declines, existing tips and tactics are no longer applicable, and growth services are irrelevant?

Here are 7 unusual techniques to increase your Instagram followers, without further ado:

1: Follow for follow groups

Follow-for-follow groups are rarely mentioned in any internet tips or methods. This is because they are unusual, and this website tries to raise awareness about where to find and how to use them efficiently.

The method of “follow for follow” is self-explanatory. You spam follow people (ideally in your specialty), hoping that they would return the favor.

This method, on its own, is ineffective because if you don’t break the ice with those users, they will perceive you as spam. Follow-for-follow groups come into play in this situation.

There are several follow groups on the internet, but I’ll describe one in this article. 

It works in three easy steps:

  1. On the site, you can share your Instagram username.
  2. On Instagram, follow other users who interest you.
  3. Direct-message them on Instagram, let them know you found them through the platform, and ask for a follow-back.

However, you must first make an account on the site before you can share your Instagram username. You may sign up and join for free right now.

Social media sites

Another technique to increase traffic to your Instagram account is to use hashtags. It does, however, need a significant amount of time and patience. If you get a lot of traffic from other places (like social media), some may be converted into Instagram followers.

2: How to grow your Instagram followers using TikTok

TikTok features a fantastic function that allows you to link your social media accounts (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter) in your bio.

You’re missing out if you haven’t begun producing stuff on there yet.

TikTok has a large following among the younger generation. If one of your posts goes viral, the resulting traffic has a great possibility of converting to Instagram followers.

The social feature also makes it simple for users to browse your Instagram page.

3: How to grow your Instagram followers using Tinder

Tinder includes a function that allows you to link your Instagram account to your profile. However, because usernames are no longer visible in photos, it’s a good idea to include your Instagram username in your bio.

This is a fantastic technique to increase the number of people that see your Instagram page.

However, if you’re not attractive, there’s a good probability that no one will look up your Instagram account and follow you.

Because Tinder is overwhelmingly male-dominated, females have an advantage.

4: How to grow your Instagram followers using Quora

Finally, but certainly not least, there is Quora.

You may also include your Instagram handle in your Quora bio.

If you write a lot, Quora is a place where you can rapidly obtain many content views. To make significant progress, you’ll need to answer 10-20 questions per week, but the payoff is worth it.

The number of views on your material has a small possibility of converting into Instagram followers.

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5: Have a beautiful Instagram feed

Surprisingly, if you want more people to follow you on Instagram, you need to have a decent-looking feed.

Despite this, many folks have a feed that isn’t up to par.

Having a good Instagram feed can also help you keep more of your current followers.

Users are naturally more intrigued to follow someone who has a good feed than someone who makes little to no effort to improve their feed.

Furthermore, someone who views your page for the first time will leave a lasting impression if it has a gorgeous, well-themed feed.

6: How to grow your Instagram followers by following mutuals

Another wonderful strategy to obtain more follow backs is to follow mutuals.

Mutuals may be easily displayed under a user’s bio on Instagram, thanks to a feature.

People are more likely to follow an account with many mutuals than one with few or none, and this is because mutuals serve as a source of trust.

The mutual feature also makes it easy to locate the Instagram handles of former friends or associates. Because you’ve undoubtedly met them previously, they’re more inclined to follow you back.

7: How to unprivate your Instagram account

Unprivatizing your Instagram account will help you gain more followers. If your account is private, you can’t use hashtags because your posts won’t appear on the explore page.

Furthermore, because the feature is concealed from view, it is more difficult for users to send you direct messages.


Increasing your Instagram followers is a long and difficult process. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Finally, joining Instagram follow for follow communities is one of the finest ways to quickly increase your Instagram followers.

This is because the vast majority of Instagram users will only follow you if you reciprocate. This won’t apply to you unless you’re a well-known celebrity, insanely attractive, or popular.


I hope you found this information helpful. Please fill out the form below if you have any queries or comments.

User Questions:

1. What is the secret to getting more real Instagram followers?

  1. In your posts, include feature accounts.
  2. Use hashtags that are specific to your community.
  3. In person, promote your Instagram account.
  4. Make collaborative content.
  5. Regram material from your friends and family.
  6. Participate in Instagram discussions.
  7. Post more frequently.
  8. Recreate your most successful content.

2. How do you get more Instagram followers in 2021?

  1. Create an enticing bio.
  2. Create and keep a distinct Instagram brand personality.
  3. Use Relevant Hashtags.
  4. Make Your Own Branded Hashtag and Promote It.
  5. Make the most of your captions.
  6. Take part in popular discussions.
  7. Keep an eye on your tagged photos.
  8. Get to know your neighbors.

3. How can I go from 0 to 100 Instagram followers?

  1. Begin thinking about your aesthetic and vibe from the very first day.
  2. Obtain Your First Hundred Followers.
  3. Start using hashtags regularly.
  4. Influencers can never be too early.
  5. Here are four ways to demonstrate your worth:
  6. Filters.
  7. From 0 to 10,000, Consistency is the key.
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