Rockstar Admits Failure of GTA Trilogy, Promises Multiple Game Updates

Rockstar Admits Failure of GTA Trilogy, Promises Multiple Game Updates

Rockstar Games has apologised to fans for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The definitive Edition, admitting that the game fell short of expectations.

Rockstar Games has reacted to criticism of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, which has received almost universal acclaim from GTA fans. Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are included in the remastered collection, which was expected to contain game upgrades for the current platform generation. Many people, however, have been disappointed by what appears to be an incomplete release.

The GTA trilogy, unveiled last month, has rapidly become one of the year’s most anticipated games, giving fans the chance to revisit the PS2-era classics with a slew of enhancements. In addition to adding GTA 5 controls, the remasters were designed to improve graphics, lighting, and other aspects of the games, providing, as the name suggests, a definitive way to play them. The collection’s first trailer elicited harsh responses, and when the game was released earlier this month, the situation worsened. GTA trilogy memes have gone widespread throughout the internet, mocking the game for various flaws ranging from intolerable weather to bizarre design choices.

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Rockstar Games apologised to fans in a blog post, saying that the GTA trilogy didn’t debut to the standard it had planned for. The publisher has acknowledged that additional game updates would be released to improve the game’s performance and graphics. However, it’s unclear when the title will be up to par with the company’s customary standards. According to Rockstar,

“The Grand Theft Auto franchise — and the games that comprise this famous trilogy — are as precious to us as they are to fans all across the world.” The revised versions of these iconic games did not launch in a form that met our quality standards, let alone the expectations of our fans.

“We have continuous plans to address technological difficulties and improve each game in the future.” The games will attain the level of excellence that they deserve with each planned upgrade.”

According to the studio, a new Title Update for all editions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be released in the next few days. While Rockstar did not specify specific bugs the update will address, it did say it will address “a number” of them.

Modders have already stepped in to help with some of the GTA trilogy’s faults, but the impending upgrades will likely address most fans’ major grievances. Character models, which many say stray too far from the original ideas, are one of the game’s most common criticisms. Many of the game’s key characters’ abnormal faces and design decisions have been criticised in viral pictures, including faults such as elongated fingers, unsettling facial animations, and bizarre limb movements.

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The news may go a long way toward assuaging those who were underwhelmed by the GTA trilogy. There are currently more bugs being uncovered, like one where developer Grove Street Games got the Rockstar Games logo wrong, in addition to the other viral posts that highlight the release’s flaws. While Rockstar hasn’t said when the game would be fully updated, updates and fixes are likely to take precedence for the time being.

Source: Rockstar Games