VLC Media Player: Every Windows Keyboard Shortcut You Must Know

VLC Media Player: Every Windows Keyboard Shortcut You Must Know

Here we can see, “VLC Media Player: Every Windows Keyboard Shortcut You Must Know”

VLC Media Player is a fantastic free open source media player. All of the keyboard shortcuts you’ll need to go around quickly are listed here.

VLC Media Player is not only the best video and audio player, but it’s also open-source and free.

VLC Media Player is one of the best media players since it supports many media files right out of the box.

If you use VLC Media Player, you should be familiar with all of the keyboard shortcuts for controlling media, opening menus, and navigating the software.

That’s why we’ve put up this free cheat sheet with all the VLC Media Player Windows shortcuts you’ll ever need.

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VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Shortcut Action
Space Play/pause
S Stop
+ Faster
] Faster (fine)
[ Slower (fine)
= Normal rate
Shift + Left arrow Back 3 seconds
Shift + Right arrow Forward 3 seconds
Alt + Left arrow Back 10 seconds
Alt + Right arrow Forward 10 seconds
Control + Left arrow Back 1 minute
Control + Right arrow Forward 1 minute
Control + Alt + Left arrow Back 5 minutes
Control + Alt + Right arrow Forward 5 minutes
N Next track
P Previous track
T Position/time
L Normal/loop/repeat
E Next frame
Shift + M Disc menu
Shift + O Previous title
Shift + B Next title
Shift + P Previous chapter
Shift + N Next chapter
Ctrl + Q Quit
J Decrease audio delay
B Cycle audio track
Shift + A Cycle audio device
Ctrl + Up arrow Increase volume
Ctrl + Down arrow Decrease volume
M Mute
I Show controller in fullscreen
Z Zoom
Shift + Z Reset zoom
F Toggle fullscreen
Escape Leave fullscreen/close dialogue
Page Up Shrink the viewpoint
Page Down Expand the viewpoint
Alt + 1 1:4 quarter crop
Alt + 2 1:2 half crop
Alt + 3 1:1 original crop
Alt + 4 2:1 double crop
A Cycle aspect ratio
C Cycle cropping ratio
O Toggle autoscaling
Alt + O Increase scale factor
Alt + Shift + O Decrease scale factor
D Toggle deinterlacing
Shift + D Cycle deinterlace modes
Ctrl + F1 – F10 Set playlist bookmark 1 – 10
F1 – F10 Play playlist bookmark 1 – 10
Ctrl + W Clear the playlist
Ctrl + Y Save playlist
Ctrl + 0 Reset subtitles scale
Ctrl + Mouse wheel up Scale down subtitles text
Ctrl + Mouse wheel down Scale up subtitles text
H Increase subtitle delay
G Decrease subtitle delay
Shift + H Sync subtitles
Alt + V Cycle subtitle track in reverse order
V Cycle subtitle track
Shift + V Toggle subtitles
Menu and Settings
Ctrl + B Bookmarks
Ctrl + C Open capture device
Ctrl + D Open disc
Ctrl + E Extended settings
Ctrl + F Open folder
Ctrl + H Hide/show menus
Ctrl + I Media information
Ctrl + J Codecs information
Ctrl + L Hide/show playlist
Ctrl + M Messages
Ctrl + N Open network stream
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + P Preferences
Ctrl + R Convert/save
Ctrl + S Streaming
Ctrl + T Go to time
Ctrl + V Paste location/MRL
Ctrl + Shift + W VLM configurator
Alt + A Audio menu
Alt + H Help menu
Alt + I View menu
Alt + L Playback menu
Alt + M Media menu
Alt + S Tools menu
Alt + T Subtitle menu
Shift + S Snapshot
Shift + R Record
R Random
Enter Select menu entry (DVD)
Arrow keys Navigate menus (DVD)
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Do More With VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is capable of far more than simply playing video files. It has a lot of valuable capabilities that you might not know about, such as the ability to convert video formats and download from YouTube. Make sure to take advantage of everything it has to offer.


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User Questions:

  1. Can I zoom in on VLC?

In the VLC player, go to Tools > Effects & Filters or press the Ctrl + E shortcut key to enable Interactive Zoom. The Adjustments and Effects Window will open as a result of this. The resize control is located towards the bottom left corner of the inset window.

  1. Can you make Windows Media Player run faster?

You may accomplish this from the player’s screen in Windows Media Player…. open Windows Media Player, start playing the content. Click the Now Playing tab, select the Now Playing options button, Enhancements, and play speed settings (immediately beneath the tab).

  1. In VLC, how do I skip 10 seconds?

Hold “Shift” or “Alt” for a very short skip, “Ctrl” for a medium skip, or “Ctrl” and “Alt” for a lengthy skip. Then, to go backwards or forward, hit the left or right arrow keys, respectively.

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  1. For every hour of movies and podcasts you watch, use ‘VLC Player’ to save 12 minutes.

LPT: Use ‘VLC Player’ to save 12 minutes for every hour of movies you watch and podcasts you listen to. from LifeProTips

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What is best media player for windows 10 in 2019 ? from windows