The YouTube Shortcuts and Tips Cheat Sheet

The YouTube Shortcuts and Tips Cheat Sheet

Here we can see, “The YouTube Shortcuts and Tips Cheat Sheet”

Navigate YouTube faster with this shortcuts cheat sheet. It also lists standard dimensions for creating YouTube graphics and videos.

YouTube can offer you hours of entertainment and education. Once you pair its limitless store of content with the enabled-by-default Autoplay feature, binge-watching sessions are inevitable.

If YouTube surfing may be a daily activity for you, it is good to find out a couple of shortcuts and tricks that’ll assist you in navigating YouTube faster. And you will find the simplest shortcuts laid out neatly in our YouTube cheat sheet below!

The cheat sheet contains keyboard shortcuts, URL shortcuts, and search operators. For YouTube creators, we’ve added standard dimensions specified by YouTube for creating all kinds of graphics and videos.

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The YouTube Shortcuts and Tips Cheat Sheet

Keyboard Shortcuts
The YouTube video window must be active for these shortcuts to work.
Space Play/pause video
k Play/pause video
Left Arrow Rewind 5 seconds
Right Arrow Fast-forward 5 seconds
j Rewind 10 seconds
l Fast-forward 10 seconds
¹0 Restart video
¹1-9 Fast-forward in increments of 10%
Home Restart video (Windows only)
End Jump to end of video (Windows only)
, Rewind by one frame when video is paused
. Fast-forward by one frame when video is paused
> Increase playback speed
< Decrease playback speed
Shift + n OR
²Ctrl + Right Arrow
Jump to next video in playlist
Shift + p OR
²Ctrl + Left Arrow OR
Jump to previous video in playlist
m Mute/unmute video
Up Arrow Increase volume by 5%
Down Arrow Decrease volume by 5%
f Toggle Full Screen Mode
t Toggle Theater Mode
i Toggle Miniplayer
c Toggle captions if available
o Cycle through text opacity options for captions
w Cycle through window opacity options for captions
Increase font size for captions
Decrease font size for captions
w Pan up in 360° video
s Pan down in 360° video
a Pan left in 360° video
d Pan right in 360° video
[ Zoom in within 360° video
] Zoom out in 360° video
Tab Cycle forward through onscreen elements
Shift + Tab Cycle backward through onscreen elements
Space Launch or open selected element
Enter Launch or open selected element
/ Place cursor in search box
Shift + / Open YouTube shortcuts dialog
Esc Exit Full Screen mode, exit dialogs
URL Shortcuts
Video_ID in the URLs refers to the 11-character sequence that appears in every YouTube URL.
³Link to any part of video
³Start video from a specific point
Bypass age restrictions
Loop video indefinitely
View high-res thumbnail of video (if available)
Make a GIF from any part of video
Search Operators
Append search operator to your query.
+keyword Force keyword matching
-keyword Exclude keyword
“keyword(s)” Force exact keyword(s) match
intitle: Look for keywords in content title
,hour Content uploaded in the last hour only
,today Content uploaded today
,week Content uploaded this week
,month Content uploaded this month
,year Content uploaded this year
,video Videos only
,channel Channels only
,playlist Playlists only
,movie Movies only
,show Shows only
,long Content longer than 20 minutes
,short Content shorter than 4 minutes
,live Live streaming content only
,4k 4K content only
,hd HD content only
,cc Captioned content only
,creativecommons Creative Commons licensed content only
,spherical 360° content only
,3d 3D content only
,hdr HDR content only
,purchased Purchased content only
, Separate keywords/operators
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Recommended Dimensions (in pixels) for Creating YouTube Graphics and Videos
Profile Picture 800×800
Thumbnail 1280×720
Banner (Cover Photo or Channel Art) 2560×440
Banner Safe Area 1546×423
Mobile Display 1546×423
Tablet Display 1855×423
Desktop Display 2560×423
TV Display 2560×1440
4K (2160p) 3840×2160
2K (1440p) 2560×1440
Max. Resolution for HD (1080p) 1920×1080
Min. Resolution for HD (720p) 1280×720
Standard Definition (480p) 854×480
Traditional Website Resolution (360p) 640×360
Minimum YouTube Video Size (240p) 426×240
¹Key(s) on the numeric keypad won’t work.
²On Mac keyboards, use Cmd instead of Ctrl and Delete instead of Backspace.

³Y refers to minutes and XX refers to seconds.
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Keep Your Eyes on the Screen

Once you master YouTube shortcuts, find out the way to find awesome videos, and learn to interrupt a couple of YouTube’s restrictions, you’ve got a pleasant, personalized stream of video content on tap.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below. 

User Questions:

  1. How do I skip 10 seconds on YouTube?

Rewind or Fast Forward Ten Seconds in YouTube

In the YouTube app, double-tap anywhere on the left half of a video while it’s playing to rewind, or double-tap anywhere on the good half of the image to skip ahead. Whenever you double-tap, YouTube will seek 10 seconds ahead or back.

  1. How do I navigate YouTube without a mouse?

Just use your arrow keys for navigating through the interface, the escape key for going back from a video or a menu and therefore, the S key for searching. Videos could even be skipped, and you’ll jump through the suggested videos or skip through videos during a playlist by using the down arrow key.

  1. Why does spacebar not work on YouTube?

But, before you try anything, one must check if clicking on the video using your mouse helps you to unravel the key problem. … So, in simple words, if you click on the spacebar and therefore the page scrolls down, press K then the key to pause or play your video.

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