Verizon launches Alexa-enabled hands-free calling via Number Share – Home

Verizon launches Alexa-enabled hands-free calling via Number Share – Home

Customers who own an Alexa device and have Verizon as their phone provider can now pay an additional price to enjoy a handy function called Number Share – Home for an additional fee. Verizon customers can use an Echo smart speaker or another Alexa-enabled audio device to make and receive audio calls using their mobile number.

The new Number Share – Home function from Verizon allows users to manage calls without touching their phones. For example, users can place an Echo Dot speaker on their desk and use it to make hands-free calls.

Similarly, users can ask Alexa to call one of their contacts through their speaker, making life easier for individuals who work from home or are busy doing something with their hands, such as cooking. For those occasions when a number isn’t already in one’s contacts, users can also voice a number for Alexa to dial.

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When Alexa receives an inbound call, she will announce whose contact is calling; consumers can choose to ignore the call or order Alexa to answer. Alexa may also summon emergency agencies and contacts using linked Verizon numbers. Meanwhile, even if the call is placed using an Alexa speaker as a hands-free device, recipients will see the user’s Verizon phone number on their ID.

According to Verizon, Verizon’s Number Share – Home service includes compatibility for Alexa Routines, so inbound calls aren’t transmitted to the smart speaker when the user isn’t at home. For example, the routines feature can be used to prohibit hands-free call notifications during specified hours.

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Number Share – Home is a Verizon service that costs $5 per month per line. The phone carrier promotes the new service with a three-month free trial of Number Share – Home for consumers who sign up and purchase an Alexa device through Verizon’s website.

Source: Verizon News