How to: Fix ”an Update Is Required. To Continue Using Onedrive You Need to Update It”

How to: Fix ”an Update Is Required. To Continue Using Onedrive You Need to Update It”

Here we can see, “How to: Fix ”an Update Is Required. To Continue Using Onedrive You Need to Update It””

OneDrive is integrated throughout Windows 10. Whether you like it or not, it’s one of the best cloud programs you can use and can compete with the competition in many ways. Until it begins acting badly, at least. There are errors like “An update is needed,” and then there are bugs. You must upgrade OneDrive to Windows 10 in order to continue utilizing it.

This pop-up appears to be suspicious, at the very least, if we consider that OneDrive receives updates via Windows Update. Things get increasingly odd when you include an unauthorized link in this equation. Fortunately, we are here to assist you if you need us.

Check out the remedies with detailed explanations below if you’ve had this OneDrive problem.

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How to deal with the ”An update is required. To continue using OneDrive you need to update it.” prompt in Windows 10

Solution 1 – Download and install Windows Updates

Let’s get this out of the way right away: Windows Update is the only way to update OneDrive. Therefore, any pop-up from OneDrive that requests an update is erroneous. Not a virus, not a legitimate update—just a mistake and omission that Microsoft should have caught.

Many customers complained that when they click the Update OneDrive button, they are sent to an odd website and returned to the OneDrive home page. Of course, you don’t have to be concerned about malware incursion or other wrongdoings because Microsoft leased this suspicious domain. Nevertheless, we can all agree that Microsoft’s use of outside sources (in this case, Akamai servers) for official updates is surprising.

Because OneDrive wasn’t a built-in feature of the system before Windows 10 and updates were sent differently, this misunderstanding caused quite a stir in the Windows community, which is still prevalent today. Unfortunately, for some Windows 10 users, that somehow continued to be the case. Please take this with a grain of salt, as Microsoft’s help has never provided the appropriate response, and we can only speculate.

Finally, ensure that OneDrive is current and that Windows Updates are installed on time.

Solution 2 – Reinstall OneDrive

The Creators Update improved OneDrive, and now users can remove it like any other third-party program. These are welcome developments when we consider how annoying all those pop-ups and prompts were. Additionally, troubleshooting is much simpler since you may reinstall OneDrive and start over after the upgrade.

Therefore, be careful to adhere to the guidelines below and reinstall OneDrive if you’re still seeing this strange update prompt:

    1. Type “Control” into the search box to launch Control Panel.
    2. Open Uninstall software in Category view.
    3. Restart your PC after uninstalling OneDrive.
    4. Navigate to this location:
      • C:  Users  :Your Username:  AppData  Local > MicrosoftOneDrive  Update  OneDriveSetup.exe
    5. Run the OneDriveSetup.exe to install OneDrive. In case the setup won’t start, right-click on the EXE file and run it as an administrator.
    6. To install OneDrive, launch OneDriveSetup.exe. If the installation won’t launch, perform a right-click on the EXE file and select “Run as Administrator”.
    7. You can enter your email and begin the synchronization after the installation.

If the installation file isn’t in the specified location, you can always download it from this page.

You should be able to correct this mistake by following one of these instructions.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why doesn’t my OneDrive update?

Visit OneDrive’s Settings and select the “Office” option if it isn’t synchronizing. You must next pick “Use Office to sync Office files that I open” and then click the “Ok” button to save your choice. To solve this problem, restart the drive once more.

2. What causes problems with OneDrive sync?

Even though OneDrive can have many issues, syncing files is one of the most frequent ones. Account-related problems, out-of-date client software, improper configuration, and software conflicts are the usual causes.

3. How can I sync OneDrive manually?

There is only one thing left to do to compel OneDrive to sync. First, reopen OneDrive and select the Pause button in the window’s top-left corner. Alternatively, you can select “Resume syncing” from the menu. By doing this, OneDrive will immediately sync the most recent data.

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