Verizon Pairs With Pokémon GO For 5th Anniversary Raids

Verizon Pairs With Pokémon GO For 5th Anniversary Raids

Verizon has renewed its partnership with Pokemon GO. As a result, trainers are encouraged to visit Verizon locations to claim an exclusive bundle in-game and join Legendary Raids for Pokemon GO.

Verizon shared details about the new collaboration with Pokemon GO on their official website.

Players of the popular Pokemon GO game can now visit any of the thousands of Verizon stores in the U.S. to access exclusive content and special events. These include limited-edition giveaways, scheduled raids, and the chance to catch the legendary Pokemon.

Defense Forme Deoxys will be available as a promotion Pokemon, along with Mewtwo. These will be standard Tier Five bosses available in the first and second halves of the month. In addition, a new raid boss will replace Mewtwo at the end of July. However, it is still unknown which Pokemon will be following Mewtwo. Therefore, it is doubtful that these Verizon raids will feature other species than those currently available in raids.

Trainers who come to our stores will also receive an exclusive bundle that includes 2x Premium Raid Passes and 1x Lucky Egg, 1x Incense, and 20x Poke Balls.

That would be worth the trip for me. Be ready for salespeople to target your wallet. This is why Verizon entered into this partnership.

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Here are the steps to get involved as a Pokemon GO trainer.

  • Visit a Verizon store near you (tip: You can check the Pokemon GO app for details about whether it’s a PokeStop or Gym).
  • Talk to a Verizon representative to find out where to scan. Scan the QR code using your phone’s camera, and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Register to Receive the Bundle