Twitter Gets a Makeover, Complete With New Font

Twitter Gets a Makeover, Complete With New Font

Twitter’s new font is here, and it’s called Chirp.

No, you are not going crazy—Twitter features a new font, and it’s called Chirp. Additionally to the font facelift, Twitter made a couple of other changes to its interface also.

Your Tweets Will Now Be Written in Chirp

Twitter’s new design brings a series of small yet very noticeable changes. during a Tweet, Twitter’s design team announced that the makeover will make the location “more accessible, unique, and focused on you and what you’re talking about.”

The new font, Chirp, is the most prominent of these changes—but it is also the foremost divisive. You will find the font everywhere in the desktop and mobile versions of Twitter, from the headlines to the text that creates up Tweets.

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Twitter says that the font makes any text written during a Western language align neatly on the left side of the screen, giving users a more pleasant experience when reading and scrolling. The font for non-Western languages will remain unchanged, however.

Chirp is certainly different from the platform’s previous, non-proprietary typeface, so it’s getting to take a while for the Twitterverse to adapt.

But That’s Not All …

Besides the font, Twitter made another site-wide change to its visuals. The platform turned up the contrast on its colours and also made them significantly less blue. Again, consistent with Twitter, this may make videos, pictures, and icons stand out more on your feed.

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You might also notice that several Twitter’s buttons look a touch different also. The Follow button, for instance, is now black with white text rather than white with blue text.

Twitter did away with a number of its grey backgrounds and divider lines and also added some extra space in your feed. It’s all an attempt to form Twitter easier on the eyes and an overall better place for its users.

What’s Next for Twitter?

This likely won’t be the last of Twitter’s design changes. Twitter said that “this is merely the beginning of more visual design updates as Twitter becomes more centered on what you’ve got to mention .”

But not only has Twitter been busy with design changes, but it is also performing on a slew of latest features, just like the Super Follow and a store module.

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That said, it’s no coincidence that the site’s redesign precedes the debut of Twitter’s upcoming features. The redesign was likely made to accommodate these features and make them more noticeable.