Twitter Removes Verification Badges From Inactive Accounts


Some confirmed accounts are dropping their blue ticks before proposed modifications to the confirmation procedure.

What is the one thing worse than attempting to get confirmed on Twitter? Losing your confirmed status after you have gone through the tedious process of being verified.

It seems like the launch of a customer service nightmare, but it is a reality for several users.

Inactive Accounts Are Losing Their Verified Status

At a Tweet from the official service accounts, Twitter declared January 22, 2021. A few reports will be shedding their confirmation badges.

If you are the owner of a confirmed account, you better be sure you’re an energetic Twitter user which you satisfy each of the other requirements listed on the Twitter Support Center. Otherwise, you will probably have to bid farewell to your enviable blue checkmark.

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This movement has not come from anywhere. In November 2020, Twitter requested its users for opinions on the confirmation procedure, following weeks of not requiring any new software.

One month after, Twitter announced an upgrade to its affirmation coverage, returning shortly for individuals obsessed with asserting their blue tick.

It Is Currently Much More Difficult to Get Verified on Twitter

A couple of decades back, all Twitter affirmation meant that you needed a significant online after and that you were not attempting to portray somebody with that subsequent.

But Twitter subsequently altered the rules in an attempt to guarantee confirmation badges meant over that.

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While it’s Very Likely to change shortly, in the time of writing, there are six classes that Twitter has set with standards for confirmation:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

In most types, Twitter may independently confirm qualifying affiliation through business partnerships or lead outreach. We [Twitter] reserves the right to refuse or reverse confirmation to some accounts which met any of these standards via artificial or inauthentic activity.

Already, users are beginning to notice some notable figures are dropping their confirmation badges.

A few examples of accounts that were once confirmed but today aren’t consist of Zimbabwean fighter Nelson Chamisa, NFL player Stephon Gilmore, and B.I. and Bobby of favorite K-pop boy group iKON.

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Additionally, other users claim they never got the mails out of Twitter, warning them about the newest changes and how they will impact their accounts.

Has Twitter Produced a Change for the Better?

Using a more complex verification procedure is a sword that is pleated. Having more rigorous steps for becoming confirmed will make it far harder for imitation accounts to get unintentionally verified, but naturally, the same is said for an existing account.