Twitter – Twitter Voice Tweets: How to Post a Tweet in Your Own Voice

Twitter - Twitter Voice Tweets: How to Post a Tweet in Your Own Voice

Twitter launched voice tweets last year, allowing users to tweet with their voices. This allows users to tweet via Twitter without having to type the message in the text quickly. After you have posted your first voice tweet, you can add your text tweets to your follow-ups. This improves the user experience, not only for those who are tweeting but also for followers. They will be able to listen to tweets and not just read them. In addition, voice tweets add a personal touch to Twitter because people can post updates to the microblogging network by using their voice.

Voice tweets on Twitter have been limited to iOS users since June 2013’s launch. Only the Twitter app for iOS can record and publish voice tweets. People on desktop, Android, and other platforms and iOS can also play voice tweets that iOS users have posted. Recently, the company added the ability to provide auto-generated transcripts.

Here are the steps to post voice tweets using the Twitter app for your iPhone or iPad.

How to use voice Twitter tweets

Before we get into the steps for using voice tweets on Twitter, please note that each voice tweet can only be recorded for two minutes and twenty seconds. If your message is longer than the time limit, it will automatically be threaded up to 25 Twitter.

  1. Open the Twitter app for your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the Tweet compose icon at the bottom right.
  3. Click the “wavelengths” voice tweet icon located above the keyboard. This will start recording your message.
  4. When you are done with your message, tap Done.
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Follow-up tweets can be added to voice tweets by adding text. It is important to note that audio tweets cannot be posted through replies or the Quote Tweet feature. Recording voice tweets can only be done as original tweets. Twitter does not allow users to upload audio files directly as voice tweets.

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