youtube comment unknown error

youtube comment unknown error

Here we can see “youtube comment unknown error

Fix: YouTube Comment did not Post

You may fail to discuss YouTube videos thanks to interference by your adblocking extension or a VPN. Moreover, the auto-generated YouTube user name can also stop you from posting comments on YouTube videos.

The affected user gets the error with a touch circling icon when he tries to post a comment/reply a discuss a YouTube video. In some cases, the user encounters the error when he tries to edit a posted comment/reply, and therefore the published comment vanishes. As a result, some users cannot see the comment after refreshing the page. This issue isn’t specific to a specific platform, i.e., it can occur on Windows, Mac, or mobile devices.

In some rare occurrences, users face this error just on one channel (whereas they will usually post on other channels). a number of the affected users were ready to discuss live streams but not on the videos.

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting process, confirm you’re using an updated version of the browser/app. Moreover, refresh the page continuously five to six times, then attempt to post the comment. Also, relaunch the browser then attempt to post the comment. Furthermore, launch the video directly once you post a comment (not through the notifications). Additionally, you’ll try another YouTube account during a new browser to rule out any browser/account issues. Also, make a habit of not commenting quite 2 or 3 comments on one video.

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Also, you want to confine your mind that YouTube is continuously changing its policies to curb spam. If you’re being suspected of spam, for instance, sharing URLs in your comments, posting an equivalent discuss every video, or if you’re posting comments continuously with a none time gap, you’ll fail to post comments on YouTube.

Moreover, video uploaders also apply different settings about what is often posted in comments, e.g., if a content creator has enabled the setting of only approve comments that are often posted to a video. The video uploader doesn’t approve your comment, and then it’ll not be visible to others (but maybe shown to you).

Solution 1: Disable Your Adblocking Extension

You may not like Ads, but ads are the essential source of income for YouTube, which is why YouTube doesn’t “like” Adblocking extensions. You’ll encounter the error at hand if you’re using an adblocking extension. During this scenario, either disabling the extension or allowing YouTube within the settings of your adblocking extension may solve the matter. For illustration, we’ll discuss the method for Chrome.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and click on Vertical Ellipses (3 vertical dots) near the highest proper corner of the windows.
  2. Now hover over More Tools, then within the sub-menu shown, click on Extensions.
  3. Now find and disable the Adblock extension.
  4. Then open the YouTube website and check if it’s beyond the error.
  5. You can also allowlist the website in your adblocking extension.

Solution 2: Disable Your VPN Client/Extension

It is a standard norm within the IT industry to use VPN to bypass restrictions imposed by ISPs or sites. Moreover, VPN provides an excellent opportunity for a user to save lots of his privacy from prying eyes. However, you’ll encounter the error under discussion (mainly just in case of a mobile app) if you’re employing a VPN client/extension to access YouTube because sites like YouTube or Netflix discourage its utilization. During this scenario, disabling the VPN client may solve the matter.

  1. Disable your VPN client or browser extension.
  2. Now launch the browser/mobile app and check if you’ll post a comment on a YouTube video.

Solution 3: Re-Login to the YouTube Site

Sites employ cookies to store client/server communications. A corrupt cookie can cause tons of issues. the difficulty at hand could even result from a short-lived glitch or corrupt cookie of the location. During this case, signing out then signing back to the location may solve the matter. You’ll also try incognito/private mode.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the YouTube website.
  2. Now, click on the user icon (near the highest right corner of the window), then click on Sign Out.
  3. Now close your browser and restart your system.
  4. Upon restart, launch the browser and Open YouTube to see if you’ll discuss the videos.

Solution 4: Change the Username for YouTube

There is a glitch on YouTube, in which, if the user name is auto-generated by the website, e.g., if your email ID is getting used because of the username, you’ll encounter the error under discussion. During this scenario, changing your username may solve the matter.

  1. Change your username for YouTube.
  2. Then check if you’ll post comments on the YouTube videos.

Solution 5: Post the Comment after Playing the Video for a few Time

YouTube is making continuous efforts to prevent spammers from posting comments. One such step is stopping the user from posting the video if the video wasn’t played or played for just a couple of seconds. During this context, playing the video for a minimum of one minute, then posting the comment may solve the matter.

  1. Open YouTube and play the problematic video.
  2. Now let the video play for a minimum of one minute (no forwarding), then check if you’ll post the comment (without pausing the video).
  3. If not, attempt to pause the video precisely when you want to form the comment, then check if you’ll post the comment.
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Solution 6: Try Another Browser

Every browser has its share of bugs. the difficulty you’re encountering might be thanks to a short-lived bug in the browser. During this context, using another browser to discuss the YouTube video may solve the matter.

  1. Download and install another browser (if not installed already).
  2. Now launch the newly installed browser and check if you’ll discuss YouTube video. For instance, if you’re having issues with Firefox, then attempt to use Chrome.

Solution 7: Try Another Platform

Along with the online version, YouTube is often accessed with the Andriod and iPhone applications. the present issue might be platform-specific, e.g., the difficulty might be just on the online version of Windows. In this context, trying another platform to post comments on YouTube videos may solve the difficulty.

  1. If you’re encountering difficulty on a browser, try a mobile app (Android app or iPhone app).
  2. If you’re encountering difficulty with a mobile app, then try the online version of YouTube.

For Mobile Applications:

Solution 1: Enable/Disable the Dark Theme of YouTube Mobile App

A reported bug within the YouTube mobile app in which dark mode (enabled or disabled) impacts a user’s ability to discuss the videos. During this context, enabling (or disabling) the dark mode may solve the matter.

  1. Open the YouTube mobile app and begin playing a video (or problematic video).
  2. While playing the video, hit the rear button (which will bring out your home screen, whereas the video is being played in a minimized state at the rock bottom of the screen).
  3. Now tap on the user icon (near the highest proper corner of the video).
  4. Then tap on Settings.
  5. Now tap on General, then Enable (or Disable) the Dark Theme.
  6. Now return to the house screen.
  7. Now tap on the minimized video, then tap on the play button to play the video.
  8. Now tap on Comments and add a public comment to see if the matter is sorted out.

Solution 2: Reinstall the YouTube Mobile App

If you’re encountering difficulty on a mobile device, then most likely, the corrupt installation of the YouTube application is causing the difficulty. During this scenario, uninstalling then reinstalling the appliance may solve the difficulty. For illustration, we’ll discuss the method for the Android app.

  1. Open Settings of your phone.
  2. Now tap on Apps/Application Manager.
  3. Now tap on YouTube, then tap on Uninstall.
  4. After uninstalling the app, restart your device.
  5. Upon restart, reinstall the YouTube app and check if it’s beyond the error.
  6. If there’s no uninstall option available at step 4, then Force Stop the app, then tap on Storage.
  7. Now Clear Cache, then Clear Data of the appliance.
  8. Then tap on the rear button.
  9. Now tap on the Disable button and restart your phone.
  10. Upon restart, enable the YouTube app (as discussed within the above steps), then check if it’s beyond the error.

If nothing has helped you thus far, you’ll try the TubeBuddy extension (or something similar) and use its notification center to post the comments/replies. You’ll post comments on YouTube videos by using the older layout of YouTube, but since 2020, most tricks/workaround to load the old UI of YouTube has stopped working, so you’ll or might not be ready to load the older layout of the location.

User Questions:

1. I get an “unknown error” whenever I attempt to add a discuss a video.

I am trying to post a discuss a video. However, I receive an equivalent message whenever. I even have closed other apps and restarted this one as suggested under the assistance section.

2. I’m trying to discuss YouTube, but it just says, “An error occurred. Try again later” whenever I attempt to post a comment. Also, I just downloaded the newest iOS on my phone. Could that be the issue?

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I’ve had that when:

My WiFi was acting up. Or data connection was poor.

When YouTube was having issues.


Check your WIFI

Restart devise just in case 

Just save the video wait until later.