nvidia graphics driver vulnerability

nvidia graphics driver vulnerability

Here we can see “Nvidia graphics driver vulnerability

Nvidia GPU Display Driver Vulnerability April 2021

Discover Vulnerable NVIDIA Drivers on Your Network

Nvidia released a replacement security bulletin detailing five new vulnerabilities in their display drivers for Geforce, RTX, Quadro, and Tesla graphics cards. While these vulnerabilities still require an attacker to urge local access first, they will be abused and cause code execution, escalation of privileges, denial of service, and knowledge disclosure during a worst-case scenario.

With the report below, you will be ready to detect which driver versions are running in your IT estate. Additionally, the color-coding will quickly indicate if you’ve got any devices that need a driver update. So run the report below and check if you’ve got any vulnerable devices.

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The Nvidia GPU Display Driver for the R390 series on Windows contains a vulnerability within the installer. This might leave an attacker who has local system access to exchange application resources with malware. It could end in an escalation of privileges, code execution, denial of service, or data loss.


The Nvidia GPU Display Driver for Windows features a vulnerability within the kernel mode layer handler for DxgkDdiEscape. The program dereferences a pointer that contains a location for memory that’s not valid. This might end in denial of service, code execution or escalation of privileges.


The Nvidia GPU Display Driver for Windows and Linux features a vulnerability within the kernel mode layer. Improper access control could cause data corruption (or loss) or lead to a denial of service.


The Nvidia GPU Display Driver for Windows and Linux contains a vulnerability. It causes problems where the software (the driver) uses a reference count to manage a resource that may not be updated correctly. If done well, this might cause a denial of service.


The Nvidia GPU Display Driver for Windows features a vulnerability within the kernel driver where a NULL pointer could cause a system crash.

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I cannot use anything after drivers 416.94 because anything until 430.xx features a flaw where G-Sync doesn’t work during Nvidia Surround. Then, 430 and above features a flaw where my monitors are involved, albeit the Nvidia instrument panel “set up multiple displays” picture. The numbers (1, 2, 3) of every monitor are all lined up correctly. On top of that, Nvidia 3D Vision doesn’t work post 425 (but not an enormous deal because we’ve found how around this).

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