The OnePlus 10 may try to steal Samsung’s thunder

The OnePlus 10 may try to steal Samsung's thunder

OnePlus used to advertise itself as the “Flagship Killer,” boasting a lethal combination of killer features and an unbeatable price. In recent years, it has developed from its roots, even branching out to a new Nord mid-range line while pursuing the high-end with its primary series. The latter goal will most likely be realized in the OnePlus 10 series, which, according to early reports, will take a page from Samsung’s book in terms of design and the launch date.

We’ve already seen a rendering of the OnePlus 10 Pro, but Zouton and @OnLeaks have returned with even better-looking and crisper images to delight our eyes. Of course, @OnLeaks will remind us that these are prototypes, but the tipster seemed to be more certain this is the final design.

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The OnePlus 10 Pro‘s three cameras and one flash are arranged in a 22 square arrangement, a departure from previous OnePlus designs. OnePlus, rather than imitating Apple, appears to be borrowing some design cues from Samsung. The camera bump on the Pixel 6 does not extend to the top, but it does fall to the side, giving it a monocle-like appearance in contrast to the “visor” on the Pixel 6.

If that isn’t enough to link the OnePlus 10 to the Galaxy S21 or the impending Galaxy S22, the phone’s release date certainly is. OnePlus, according to 91mobiles, is eyeing a late January or early February release date rather than the typical March event. Samsung is anticipated to unveil the Galaxy S22 on February 8, with the Galaxy S21 FE arriving a month earlier on January 4.

If this is the case, OnePlus will most likely steal the show by offering consumers a less expensive option to the Galaxy S22 series. Of course, the ultimate price tag for both the OnePlus 10 and OnePlus 10 Pro variants will be determined by the phone’s actual specifications, which will undoubtedly include a Snapdragon 898 (or 895) processor. Given this year’s OnePlus 9 stats, they’re not too far off from Samsung’s pricing.

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There are still a lot of unknowns concerning the OnePlus 10, especially in regards to those three cameras. On the other hand, the phone is likely to be highly exciting because it will include several firsts for the firm. For starters, it will be the first phone to use the same super-fast 125W charging technology as its siblings. More importantly, it will be the first OnePlus phone to run the OnePlus-OPPO unified OS, potentially heralding the end of an era in the Flagship Killer’s history.

Source: zouton | 91mobiles