Super Mario Bros. 3 Player DIscovers Weird Glitch to Swap to Luigi

Super Mario Bros. 3 Player DIscovers Weird Glitch to Swap to Luigi

Shesez, a popular YouTuber and host of Boundary Break, recently discovered a new Super Mario Bros. 3 glitch in which gamers can swap Mario for Luigi.

Super Mario Bros. 3 appears to include a flaw that allows players to switch Mario with Luigi, according to a discovery by out-of-bounds explorer Shesez. Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console. It has since earned a reputation as one of the best instalments in the series to date – so much so that an original copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 held the record for a highest-sold video game until The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64 surpassed it.

Experimenting beyond the confines of a video game’s screen frequently yields surprising results, such as new speedrunning tricks or intriguing anomalies. This tactic is also known as “boundary-breaking,” a means of intentionally breaking a video game to exploit its bugs or reveal hidden features. Game developers occasionally commended efforts, such as the Solar Ash team, who encouraged players to “break” the game and find ways to traverse as swiftly as possible. However, bending the game does not always result in glitches that are beneficial to a player’s progress through the game – some bugs cause odd consequences of cosmetic modifications.

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When players go beyond the limits of Super Mario Bros. 3, they may come upon a glitch that results in a unique – and extremely fun – cosmetic modification. When straying out of boundaries, users can now swap their playable Mario for Luigi, thanks to the work of game-breaker Shesez. Shesez highlighted the problem in a recent tweet (via Game Rant) by directing Mario to the “upper left-hand area of the map [where] the Mario Bros. stage is housed.” After that, the player is taken to an underground stage with five coins and passageways. Luigi will replace Mario if he successfully collects all five coins (who is also present at this stage).

On the other hand, out-of-bounds problems don’t necessarily lead to amusing or useful findings. An entire Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War crew got lost in a region outside the game’s bounds, and they died horribly. The squad spawned out of bounds by accident, and the timer to return to the game’s playable region appeared to have begun before they spawned. As a result, the whole Black Ops Cold War crew perished simultaneously. Players were naturally irritated by the situation, even though they were respawned in a non-restricted area inside game borders.

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This Super Mario Bros. 3 bug could be an exciting development for people who prefer Luigi to Mario (and, perhaps, wish there were more possibilities to pick between the two characters – after all, the franchise is called the Super Mario Bros.). Playing as Luigi instead of Mario, on the other hand, provides no new gameplay or advantages. As a result, this issue is a pleasant cosmetic adjustment, but it won’t bring anything new to the table.

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