LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets will launch after the holidays

LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets will launch after the holidays

The new LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion kits have been revealed. However, they will not be available in time for the holidays. The Entryway Expansion Set, Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set, and Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set will be available to Nintendo game fans. Nintendo’s Super Mario product line continues to develop with these three expansion sets.

The Adventures with Luigi Starter Course, which costs $60 and includes a few characters from the game and some crucial pieces for creating their games, is already available. The Luigi’s Mansion expansion sets aren’t surprising given that LEGO previously launched a Mario Starter Course and then followed up with a couple of expansion sets.

Additional characters from the game will be included in the new Luigi’s Mansion expansion sets, including Boo, Toad, Polterpup, King Boo, and Toad, among others. The expansion sets are designed with the interactive Luigi and Mario figures featured in the starting courses listed above.

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Players will be tasked with overcoming Bogmire, avoiding Boo, and obtaining a Golden Bone for Polterpup in the Mansion Entryway expansion set, which will act as the entrance to the scary mansion from the video game. Players can then proceed to the Lab and Poltergust expansion set, where they can use a button to summon Poltergust, defeat Gold Ghost, and win a monetary reward.

The Haunt-and-Seek expansion set will round out the enjoyment. Players can use this to create their level, complete with revolving passageways, ghosts, and gems. There are hidden jewels in the set that must be discovered. According to LEGO, all of the new sets may be linked together or used with existing Super Mario sets.

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Despite the Halloween announcement, the Luigi’s Mansion Expansion Sets will not be released until January 1, 2022. The Poltergust expansion will set you back $29.95, the Entryway expansion will set you back $39.99, and the Haunt-and-Seek expansion will set you back $79.99.

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