A Sealed Copy Of ‘Super Mario 64’ Has Just Sold for $1.56 Million USD

A Sealed Copy Of 'Super Mario 64' Has Just Sold for $1.56 Million USD

Although you’ll easily devour an ingenious cartridge of the Super Mario 64 for about USD 40, one eager fanatic copped an ingenious sealed copy of the 1995 Nintendo 64 classic for USD 1.56 million from Heritage Auctions.

The sealed copy is now the foremost valuable computer game collectible in history, surpassing a clever copy of The Legend of Zelda sold for USD 870,000. Thanks to its Wata 9.8 A++ mint rating, the “Like New Condition” just about puts the sports copy at a ten, consistent with IGN.

“Well – we’re a touch speechless on this one,” read Heritage Auctions’ description. “What can we even say that might do that copy the justice it deserves? The cultural significance of this title and its importance to the history of video games is paramount. Therefore the condition of this copy is so breathtaking that we’re really at a loss here. If you’ve got had your heart assail obtaining the highest-graded copy of the only best-selling computer game on the Nintendo 64 – the primary 3D adventure of Nintendo’s mascot, Mario – we only have one piece of advice: this is often not a chance to waste.”

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