Star Wars Eclipse is said to be based on The Last of Us

Star Wars Eclipse is said to be based on The Last of Us

According to a Twitter leaker, Star Wars Eclipse was influenced by Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed game The Last of Us in some way, though it’s unclear how.

According to a new theory, naughty Dog’s The Last of Us inspired Star Wars Eclipse. It’s unclear how given that Star Wars Eclipse is unlikely to be about a trek across a post-apocalyptic America during a fungal outbreak. Even though the Star Wars Eclipse teaser suggested a darker-than-usual tone for the Star Wars brand, no information about the game’s content has been released.

It’s unclear whether Disney would accept an M-rated Star Wars game, but Quantic Dream might aim to push their game to the limit without straying too far from a T-rated release. Because Star Wars Eclipse is set in the High Republic, an era that has yet to be explored in any Star Wars video game, Disney looks to have put a lot of faith in Quantic Dream. Even though Star Wars fans are likely to be familiar with this part of the storey, Quantic Dream can add or change aspects in the High Republic universe.

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AccNGT, a Twitter user who has been leaking information about Star Wars Eclipse for a long time, has disclosed that the game was influenced by The Last of Us. AccNGT also stated that Quantic Dream attempts to deliver a solid narrative with memorable action scenes, while no other details were provided. Naughty Dog has a good handle on this balance in all of its games, but the studio is best recognised for its excellent narrative and action segments of The Last of Us series.

Fans will probably have to wait a while to learn what this Last of Us-related claim implies. According to reliable insiders, Star Wars Eclipse is still years away. Thus Quantic Dream will likely go back into the shadows for the foreseeable future while it works on the next game. Given that Disney declared at the start of 2021 that other developers would be allowed to work on Star Wars, the game is most likely still in the early stages of development. However, further upgrades are expected in the following months.

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The game appears to be pretty ambitious, and if completed correctly, it will undoubtedly fulfil many demands for a modern Star Wars game. Many people have complained that most of EA’s previous Star Wars games have failed to convey the entire scope of the franchise. According to some new Star Wars Eclipse pictures, the game will span numerous planets and provide a rich, deep dive into the universe created by George Lucas in 1977.

Source: AccNGT/Twitter