sim card is not from verizon

sim card is not from verizon

Here we can see “sim card is not from Verizon

How to Get obviate “SIM card isn’t from Verizon Wireless” Notification?

“My Samsung Galaxy S7 keeps alerting me that ‘SIM card isn’t from Verizon wireless’, and data not working. This notification constantly appears, what am i able to do to urge obviate it?”

Getting bombarded by notifications like this and not knowing the sensible solution may be a terrible feeling. However, some people are shown the message periodically, whereas others have it constantly appearing. Either way, you’ll want to urge to the rock bottom of what the message means and the way to repair it, which is strictly what this text will teach you.

Part 1. What Does SIM Card isn’t from Verizon Wireless Mean?

First thing’s first: what’s the rationale behind this notification? There are two reasons why you’ll be shown this:

  • The phone is locked to the Verizon Wireless carrier, and you’ve inserted a SIM card from a particular carrier.
  • The phone has been unlocked from Verizon Wireless, but the right APN hasn’t been set; therefore, the device can’t hook up with the network properly.

One of these two reasons will apply to your situation. But, reasons aside, your next challenge is finding how to urge obviate the notification.

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Part 2. the way to Fix “SIM Card isn’t from Verizon Wireless”?

After you’ve categorized your situation into one among the explanations above, you’ll decide the most straightforward way forward. We’ve done the diligence for you. Use the guide in Situation 1 or Situation 2 and solve the error in no time.

Situation 1. The device is Locked to Verizon

If you’ve got a tool that’s locked to Verizon’s network, the apparent thanks to resolving this is often to unlock the device. Like most carriers, Verizon has an unlocking policy that explains which customers are eligible for device unlocks, but this doesn’t include everyone and may be pricy.

Alternatively, an IMEI unlocks service like IMEIdoctor allows users to unlock a Verizon phone quickly, and successively, the “SIM card isn’t from Verizon Wireless” notification will disappear.

Most notable about this service is that it:

  • Remotely gets obviate carrier locks by professionals
  • Uses a secure and legal process to unlock devices
  • Can unlock many different carriers from various countries
  • Allows you to insert SIM cards from other carriers without issue
  • Unlocks Verizon phones from the carrier network in as little as 24 hours
  • Provides a moneyback guarantee within the rare occurrence of failed unlock

You get the gist of it. IMEIdoctor may be a fantastic service and seamlessly unlocks mobile phones from carriers. Curious about checking out more? Here’s the way to unlock your device from Verizon.

Step 1. Make your thanks to IMEIdoctor Verizon Network Unlock page.

Step 2. Using the drop-down menus, select your device and country.

Step 3. Type your device’s IMEI number and click on “Continue” to proceed with payment.

Step 4. Once you successfully buy the service, you’ll track the order progress, and within 24 hours, the device will unlock.

Notice how simple this process is. All that’s required is for you to supply IMEIdoctor with crucial information about your phone. After the carrier unlocks is processed, you should stop seeing the SIM card from Verizon Wireless.

Situation 2. Device is Unlocked

Moving onto the opposite situation, you would possibly be where your Verizon SIM card is not working in an unlocked phone. Again, there are two solutions you’ll attempt.

Method 1. Set the APN

Mobile phones use APNs (Access Point Names) to connect the device, your carrier, and therefore the internet. Every carrier features a different APN, and a few of them have multiple APNs counting on if the device is Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly.

If your device is unlocked and needs to modify to a non-Verizon SIM card, you would like to line the correct APN info matched thereupon SIM card.

For example, if you would like to vary to T-Mobile, you would like to line the proper APN info matched with T-Mobile, which may be found on their official website.

Set the APN for T-Mobile SIM Card

It’s essential to follow these steps VERY carefully. If you modify the APN settings wrongly or don’t type the precise setting, your network connection won’t function. Formatting is essential here: uppercase and lowercase matters! So, this is often what you would like to do:

Step 1. Launch the “Settings” app, then enter “Mobile Network Settings.”

Step 2. Select “Access Point Names” or “APN,” and tap the “+” icon at the highest of the menu.

Step 3. Enter the subsequent into the fields provided and leave the other fields blank:

  • Name: T-Mobile
  • APN: (for LTE devices) or (for non-LTE devices)
  • MMSC:
  • MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 260
  • APN Type: default,supl,mms
  • APN Protocol: IPv4
  • APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: Unspecified

For more detailed APN info, ask here.

Step 4. Double-check that you entered the correct information tap “Save” at the highest of the screen, and check if the error persists.

If you would like to modify to AT&T, get the APN info from here. For other Networks, google “the network name” + “APN.”


A minor roadblock occurs if Verizon has locked your APN settings, too, something they are doing with most of their devices. During this case, you would like to root the Android device and install an app called “Build Prop Editor.” Thereupon, you’ll access system files without restrictions and easily adjust the APN settings consistent with the steps above.

Method 2. Force Stop Activation Agent (Temporary Solution)

On the contrary, a less risky solution that doesn’t require rooting is to force stop the Activation Agent process. This is often a comparatively harmless method, and it only works temporarily, but it’ll offer you an opportunity from “SIM card isn’t from Verizon Wireless.”

Step 1. Open “Settings” and navigate to the “Applications > Applications Manager” menu.

Step 2. within the “Running” section, disable any apps from Verizon and, therefore, the Activation Agent process.

Step 3. Exit the Settings app.

It’ll take a brief while before you can verify the effectiveness of this method. Android devices are programmed to reboot processes like this (which are considered necessary) so if the notifications start reappearing, repeat these steps. It isn’t the right solution, but at the very least, it’ll reduce what percentage of notifications crop up on your screen.

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Even though having a locked Verizon device looks like an obstacle initially, it’s much easier to handle during this scenario.

Unlocked devices that encounter SIM cards from Verizon Wireless have tricky solutions, whereas locked devices are often fixed more straightforwardly.

If your smartphone is locked and this notification bothers you, head to IMEIdoctor and permit the experts to remedy the matter for you!

User Questions:

1. just changed to tmobile. Sim card not from Verizon message.

I just switched to Tmobile.

I have a notification and icon that states Sim card, not from Verizon. How do I buy obviate this?

My phone was originally from and on Verizon.

2. SIM card isn’t from Verizon Wireless. the way to unlock

“VERIZON” not are Locked; just set it to “GLOBAL” and make “NEW APN” with the exact parameters of your Operator for LTE.

Note: All time you modify Sim Operator, Factory reset it, you must rewrite NEW APN “parametry” for the Operator you would like to use.

3. “sim card not from Verizon” message

I am now on my 3rd phone, and that I still get a message once in a while saying, “SIM card not from Verizon.” Worse, there are apps that I can not load because it tells me that they’re “not available in your country.” I think that there must be something embedded in whatever data I’ve transferred (twice now) that creates the phone think I’m still within the US.

4. Error code “SIM card isn’t from Verizon Wireless.”

I have a Verizon Galaxy S6. I’m on the Tmobile network. My phone comes up with the above-listed error and won’t allow updates or allow me to use the web while I’m on the phone. I’m not tech-smart. Can anyone walk me through the way to correct this?

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5. My phone moto g play is showing that my sim card isn’t from Verizon wireless

My moto g play is showing that the sim card isn’t from Verizon wireless.