computer shut down not overheating

computer shut down not overheating

Here we can see, “computer shut down not overheating”

Steps To Fix Computer Randomly Shuts Down Not Overheating Issue

Are the essential methods didn’t make any difference? Then follow this section to use the foremost advanced techniques. We are 100% sure that these tricks will solve the pc Randomly Shuts Down Not Overheating issue.

1.Install The Latest Driver Updates

Drivers are to be up-to-date to permit the devices to run smoother. Also, it avoids all kinds of hardware failures on your computer.

When you see your computer is shutting down randomly with no overheating problems, it’s thanks to the expired device drivers. Execute the below steps to detect and update those out-of-date drivers.

  1. Press The Windows + X Keys and choose Device Manager.
  2. Check For The Expired Device Drivers One-By-One And Right-Click thereon.
  3. Choose The Update Driver Option
  4. Now, Click The Search Automatically For The Updated Driver Software.
  5. By Following another step, you’ll Finish The Update Process. Then, do equivalent Steps To Upgrade All Other Device Drivers.

To check for the expired ones and update them automatically, you’ll use the IObit Driver Booster.

  1. It Scans The Device And Lists Outdated Drivers.
  2. After That, you’ll download the newest Versions And Update Them Within Seconds.

2.Disable Fast Startup

  1. Open The instrument panel On Your personal computer.
  2. Select The Hardware And Sound Category.
  3. From That, Click the facility Options Section.
  4. In The Left-Side Panel, Identify The Choose What the facility Button Do Option and click on thereon.
  5. Now, you’ve got to travel With The Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable Option.
  6. Under The Shutdown Settings, Uncheck The activate Fast Startup (Recommended) To Disable It.
  7. Finally, Click The Save Changes Button.
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3.Update BIOS

If the above methods don’t assist you in fixing the matter, then update the BIOS. But you would like to take care while updating the BIOS on your Windows 10. The irregular process will cause real damage to the desktop.

  1. First Of All, Open The Manufacturer’s Website And Download The Up-To-Date BIOS.
  2. It Downloads In Zip Format. Reserve it based on the Directory Of The Formatted Flash Drive.
  3. Restart The PC And Press The Del Button Whenever You See the brand.
  4. You, Will, See The BIOS Page And Follow The On-Screen Instructions to finish The Update Process.

4.Check For Any Software Issues

  1. Open The prompt With The Admin Rights By Using Windows + X Keys.
  2. Now, Type The Sfc /Scannow Command And Hit Enter.
  3. Thus, It Checks the whole Computer For Corrupted System Files And Repairs Them to repair the problems.
  4. Reboot Your Computer And Check Whether the matter Still Persists Or Not.
  5. If you continue to Face the difficulty, Again Open The CMD (Admin) And Execute the subsequent Command.
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  6. Wait For the method to finish Successfully And Restart the pc.

Even you’ll use the inbuilt Troubleshooter to detect and repair the software failures (if any).

At an equivalent time, install the simplest PC Tuneup or PC optimizations to spot the problems and repair them. By doing so, we will enhance the system speed and fix these sorts of shutting down problems.

5.Turn Off Sleep Mode

  1. Use Windows + I To Open The Settings.
  2. Now, you’ve got to pick The System Category.
  3. After That, accompany Power & Sleep Option.
  4. In The Next Step, you would like to settle on The Screen And Sleep.
  5. Finally, Select The Never Option.

By doing so, you’ll fix the pc Randomly Shuts Down Not Overheating issue.

6.Replace The Battery

When you are on the laptop and facing this random shuts down, not overheating problem. Check the battery is in perfect condition or not.

Due to faulty adapters, the battery won’t charge. Sometimes, the battery gets discharged by overcharging. If you discover that the battery is broken, then replace it with a fresh one to repair this issue.

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7.Use System Restore Points

Use System Restore Points to revert your PC to the previous or older settings. For that, you’ve got to follow the given steps.

  1. Click The Start Menu -> Type Control Panel -> Select The Matched One On The Results.
  2. After You See The instrument panel On Your Windows 10, Click The System And Security Category.
  3. Navigate the subsequent Steps,
    • File History -> Recovery -> Open The System Restore -> Click The Next Button.
  4. Now, you’ve got the choice to pick the specified System Restore Points to travel Back to their State.
  5. Click The Finish Button To Continue Further.
  6. Finally, Click The Yes Button within the Warning Window.

Thus, your Windows 10 PC is restarted with the older settings.

8.Re-Install The OS

Suppose, if none of the above-listed techniques solved your problem? Then one among the simplest ways to repair the pc Randomly Shuts Down Not Overheating is freshly reinstalling Windows 10.

Before going further, you’ve got to store your confidential and important data in a safe place. So, copy the info to the removable drives, like an external hard disk.

After completing the whole process, you’ll never see any shutting down problems on your Windows computer.


To sum up everything, computers became one of the needy things during this modern generation. For one or other works, we turn on the desktops.

When these computers pack up correctly, we’ve to postpone our tasks. Therein situation, this post will assist you a lot in fixing the matter.

As of our research, we’ve provided the simplest methods which will surely resolve the difficulty. If you came up with another concept, stops your computer pack up randomly, then share it with us.

We are very thankful to you for following our website to repair your technical issues. Hopefully, you bought enough info to beat the pc Randomly Shuts Down Not Overheating issue.

To ask any queries or discuss this post, just A message together with your particulars within the below box.

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