dlna media server mac

dlna media server mac

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What Is A DLNA Media Server?

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is simply what the organization created by Sony in 2003 that oversees the particular DLNA media standard is named. This standard ensures that each networked devices are ready to communicate with one another and share all the required data so that you’ll stream media anywhere you would like. 

It’s possible to try DLNA streaming from Mac, but you have to choose an honest DLNA server. Many options are available, each offering some unique functionality, like trying to find good cover art or transcoding videos on the fly to tailor to a particular market. 

It wont to be that you had to match specific DLNA servers with DLNA Mac players, but now most leading ones work equally well with everything. And albeit you encounter a glitch, it could often be resolved by tweaking a couple of settings. 

How to set up DLNA streaming from Mac

Once you’ve got Elmedia Player on your Mac, it might automatically find all other devices with DLNA functionality, whether or not they are smart TVs, speakers, or smartphones, on an equivalent WiFi network. 

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To stream to a DLNA client from Elmedia Player: 

  1. Make sure your receiving device is turned on and connected to WiFi
  2. Launch Elmedia Player
  3. Drag-and-drop any media you would like to play
  4. Click the “Stream to” icon within the bottom bar
  5. Select the device you would like to play the media on

A popular choice to make TVs smart nowadays is attaching them to a Google Chromecast device, which might act as a DLNA client. the method of connecting Elmedia Player to Chromecast then remains precisely the same: activate the Chromecast-enabled TV and connect via the “Stream to” icon in Elmedia Player. 

Elmedia Player is an all-in-one solution combining both the DLNA server and, therefore, the DLNA Mac player. But some people might want to use those separately, perhaps because they have already got a media player they love and that they just got to confirm it’s easy to stream. 

How to Stream from Mac to DLNA Certified Devices with 5KPlayer

Step 1: After installing and launching 5KPlayer, connect your computer and smart TV/DLNA devices to an equivalent network

Step 2: Click on “DLNA&AirPlay” on most UI and toggle on the DLAN service on Mac.

Step 3: Back to main UI and click on DLNA sink menu, select Samsung TV

Step 4: Now, you’ll stream a movie/video from Mac to DLAN certified Samsung TV.

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How to share your Mac media library

Most folks accumulate massive media libraries over the years. Consider all the photos, videos, and music you own. Surely you ought to be ready to share all that with other computers on your network — and with a DLNA media server, you can!

First, it’s possible to stream to any Mac reception directly, as described above, using either Elmedia Player, JustStream, or Beamer. 

Second, if you would like to offer people more control and share your virtual library, you’ll do so via Home Sharing: 

  1. Open System Preferences ➙ Sharing
  2. Check Media Sharing
  3. Check Home Sharing
  4. Enter your password
  5. Click activate Home Sharing

Now your media library goes to be available to all or any devices on an equivalent network at the required Library Name, including devices with an equivalent Apple ID. 

Before you share your movie and television show collection, though, it’s good to form sure it’s in proper shape and indexed correctly. to try to to that, you would like to undertake Movie Explorer Pro. 

User Questions:

1.Does Mac support DLNA?

DLNA Streaming from Mac to Any Smart TV – Two Methods

You’ll stream through either AirPlay or a Mac DLNA client. So counting on which devices you’ve got, you’ll choose accordingly. For instance, it will be easier to use AirPlay if you’re DLNA streaming from Mac to an Apple TV.

2.Does DLNA need WiFi?

DLNA needs a network

As you would possibly expect, DLNA hardware is meant to figure on a home network. It doesn’t matter whether that network is wired or wireless, although, with WiFi, you will need to make sure that your network has sufficient bandwidth for what you would like to do.

3.Should I disable DLNA?

The DLNA standard uses UPnP, allowing the invention of other devices and communication with those devices. So if you’re not streaming media from an area PC(or another device) on your network, then you’ll be okay to disable it.

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