Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Cosplay Is Infested With Bugs And Blood

Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Cosplay Is Infested With Bugs And Blood

A Resident Evil Village fan has cosplayed as Bela Dimitrescu, replete with swarming bugs and bleeding lips, to create the ultimate homage to the game.

One cosplayer has created a bug-filled and gruesome homage to the game’s vampiric ladies in honour of Resident Evil Village and House Dimitrescu. Capcom’s Resident Evil Village has been a great hit. It rapidly became one of the most successful entries in the Resident Evil series, selling over three million copies in the first four days following its release. Capcom had its best-ever Q1 sales period in 2021 because of this performance and sales of Monster Hunter Rise.

Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters are responsible for a large part of Resident Evil Village’s success. Lady Dimitrescu was a significant element in the marketing campaign leading up to the release of Resident Evil Village, with her towering figure covering the sides of buses and even commemorative beach towels. Her celebrity grew to the point where many people were drawn to the icy villain for no apparent reason, which surprised even mo-cap actor Maggie Robertson. However, after the game’s release, other characters were given more screen time, and the Dimitrescu matriarch’s daughters quickly gained their following.

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One Resident Evil Village fan has cosplayed as Bela to show their support for the blood-lusting Dimitrescu sisters. Bela is the eldest of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters and the first to combat Ethan. Bela’s blood-stained lips and ability to burst into a flurry of swarming insects make her a formidable foe. Yet, there’s something immensely appealing about her presence in Resident Evil Village (much like her mother). PinkQT has found the ideal balance of sensuality and danger (shared by Bamisaur on Reddit). PinkQT looks like they just stepped out of House Dimitrescu’s wine cellar, complete with jet black and blood-soaked lips, smudged eyeliner, a forehead tattoo, and an assortment of creepy crawlies.

Bela Dimitrescu Cosplay by PinkQT from residentevil

PinkQT’s dedication exemplifies Resident Evil Village’s flawless blend of horror and intriguing personalities. The cast of a Resident Evil game has never been more diversified or as deliciously enjoyable, with the alluring Dimitrescu family, the eerie Donna Beneviento, and Village’s welcoming merchant The Duke.

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Fans are now waiting for additional information on Resident Evil Village’s DLC with bated breath. While it has been verified that it is in development, no further information regarding what it will include in its final release has been released. On the other hand, many are hopeful that it will once again embody some aspect of the Dimitrescu Household before Ethan Winters arrives in the namesake village.

Resident Evil Village is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Bamisaur/Reddit