Resident Evil: Streamer Completes Four Classic Games Without Being Hurt

Resident Evil: Streamer Completes Four Classic Games Without Being Hurt

In an aptly dubbed ‘God Run,’ a Resident Evil streamer completed four of the series’ classic installments while suffering no damage and saving only once.

In a remarkable display of skill and patience, a Resident Evil streamer has beaten four of the series’ classic titles without taking any damage. The Resident Evil series, which recently marked its 25th anniversary, is one of the longest-running horror video game franchises. Outside of gaming, the franchise has generated a slew of new spin-offs, including live-action films, animations, and comic novels.

Resident Evil‘s ability to combine realistic horror with continuing survival features is one of the game’s most enduring qualities. Players must work hard to clear the planet of the many horrible monsters that abound in the games and ensure that they plan ahead of time to conserve ammo or use alternate assault methods. This is not always a simple job, and many players are met with a screen declaring their in-game death before having to face the assault of Resident Evil zombies and bioengineered mutations once more.

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One streamer prevented this calamity from befalling Resident Evil’s heroic protagonists by completing not just a no-death but also a no-damage run of four of the series’ iconic installments. MattDaRoc (via Kotaku) recently completed a back-to-back ‘God Run’ of Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Code Veronica X. This indicates they did not take any damage in any of the games and did not save at any point during their gameplay. MattDaRoc spent four days completing ten distinct scenarios throughout the four Resident Evil games. MattDaRoc broadcasted their incredible achievement live on Twitch for all to watch, no doubt adding to the strain of an already high-stakes endeavour. Resident Evil God Run by MattDaRoc can be viewed on YouTube or MattDaRoc’s Twitch account.

No-death runs are famously difficult to finish, while no-damage runs are more difficult. Many people have attempted to complete such a feat in various games, from Grand Theft Auto to The Legend of Zelda, but many have failed to achieve their final aim. MattDaRoc, on the other hand, certainly holds the Resident Evil franchise in high regard and has a thorough understanding of the game’s numerous environments and monsters. MattDaRoc’s YouTube channel also has several additional Resident Evil films, ranging from the original 1996 game to the more recent remakes.

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According to speculations, Resident Evil 4 will be rebuilt for modern consoles like Resident Evil 2 and 3 were. MattDaRoc may soon have a new Resident Evil game to add to their no-death playlist. In addition to several leaks and rumors, a voice actor reportedly claimed to be playing Albert Wesker in the rumored RE4 remake, though Capcom has yet to confirm the claims. Hopefully, stories about the Resident Evil series’ future will be put to rest soon enough. Until then, watching streamers like MattDaRoc pull off remarkable feats is an entertaining (and awe-inspiring) way to kill time.

Source: MattDaRoc/YouTube (via Kotaku)