Report: The Xbox Game Pass May Be Headed for Android TV

Report: The Xbox Game Pass May Be Headed for Android TV

A recent leak from the Xbox Game Pass SDK gives hope to Android TV owners everywhere.

The Xbox Game Pass may be excellent thanks to unlocking tons of games for a monthly price, and Microsoft has been hard at work bringing the app to as many devices as possible. Now, a keen-eyed Redditor has spotted evidence that Microsoft’s gaming service may make its way onto Android TV.

Android TV: A Potential New Platform for the Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has said nothing on if it wants to bring the Xbox Game Pass to the Android TV or not. the corporate has hinted that it does like the app on as many devices as possible (including stating that it’s hospitable bringing Project xCloud to the Nintendo Switch), but that is the extent of Microsoft’s claims.

Now, an eagle-eyed Redditor has spotted potential proof that Microsoft is bringing the Xbox Game Pass to Android TV. Over the unofficial Android TV subreddit, user u/el_gonz87 posted a thread called “Latest Game Pass apk has an Android banner built into it!

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The post doesn’t mince words:

I just ripped the newest Game Pass APK updated via Google Play Store from my android tablet, and to my surprise, it had an Android TV banner built into it… So it seems we may get Game Pass officially on Android TV very soon!

Users within the thread expressed hope that the Xbox Game Pass app will arrive on Android TV, with one even claiming that it will be the tipping point for them buying a Chromecast with the service thereon.

Will the Xbox Game Pass Appear on Android TV?

Before you leap out and obtain a Chromecast, it’s worth noting that the tech industry sees these sorts of leaks all the time. Sometimes the leaks uncover a feature that the developer performs on, released, or officially announced shortly after. However, sometimes the leaks find materials utilized in testing or research which have since been abandoned, but the files are left undeleted.

As such, this discovery is by no means definitive proof that Microsoft is bringing the Xbox Game Pass to Android TV. There is a chance that the corporate was toying with the thought, then scrapped it for a few reasons without deleting the assets. However, it’s equally possible that these assets are preparing for things to return, which Microsoft shall forge on with the thought of the Xbox Game expire Android TV.

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As such, as annoying because it is, the sole thing we will do now sits and wait. This leak has given a tiny glimmer of hope for Android TV users, but it’ll be nothing quite a glow until Microsoft finally confirms or denies the feature’s existence.

Does the Android TV Have a Pass for the Xbox Game Pass?

There’s no definitive proof that the Xbox Game Pass will make its way onto Android TV, but there are hints that it’s going to happen. So all we will do now’s wait and see if Microsoft decides to travel ahead with its plan.

If you haven’t signed up for the Xbox Game Pass yet, Microsoft has been spoiling its fans lately. as an example, subscribers can now get four months of Spotify Premium for free of charge.

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