Xbox Game Pass Is Losing 5 More Games Quite Soon

Xbox Game Pass Is Losing 5 More Games Quite Soon

Xbox Game Pass has added a lot of new games in the last month. However, as is the case with Microsoft’s subscription service, it occasionally loses popular games. Unfortunately, this trend will continue in the coming weeks, as five of the most popular titles are set to leave the service.

Five new games have been added to the Game Pass “Leaving Soon” tab. Electronic Arts have two of these titles. They are the first entries in the UFC fighting series. CrossCode is the third title. This indie favorite has received a lot of praise. Endless Space 2 Deluxe Edition and Downwell complete the list of games that will soon be discontinued.

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This move comes with a few other pieces of information. First, not all these games are available on all versions of theĀ Xbox Game Pass. CrossCode and EA Sports UFC titles are both available on the console version. Downwell and Endless Space 2 only are available on PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can access all these titles, but each component of the subscription platform doesn’t lose five games.

We don’t know the exact date these titles might be leaving Xbox Game Pass. According to theĀ Xbox website, games listed on the “Leaving Soon” tab have only two weeks left. We don’t know what this might mean since we don’t know when the games were added to this category. However, we know they will be gone by July 11th.

How do you feel about the new Xbox Game Pass departures? Do you plan to purchase any of these games at a reduced price before they are removed from Xbox Game Pass? Comment below or on Twitter @MooreMan12 to let me know.

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