How to: Fix Remote Desktop Error 0x104 on Windows 10

How to: Fix Remote Desktop Error 0x104 on Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Remote Desktop Error 0x104 on Windows 10”

  • Start by checking your firewall settings to resolve the Remote Desktop issue 0x104.
  • Use the same network profile across all of your devices to prevent Remote Desktop issues 0x104.
  • Running the system file checks could be of assistance if you receive the 0x104 error for Remote Desktop.
  • Any software app can always be replaced; in this instance, we offer a suggestion.

Many people worldwide utilize this capability to access their work servers remotely and gather or access data from their firm; therefore, this may be a very unpleasant issue.

Users who attempted to connect to their remote servers have encountered failures with their Internet connections in a few additional instances.

Due to all of these factors, we will examine some of the top techniques in this post in an effort to resolve the problem.

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How do I fix Remote Desktop error code 0x104?

1. Check if port 3389 is open in your firewall

    1. Enter “Remote settings” in the Cortana search box.
    2. Click Remote Settings in the System window.
    3. Tick the box next to Allow remote connections to this computer on the Remote tab.
    4. Open the Control Panel by typing it into your Cortana search box.
    5. Select Windows Firewall, select System and security, and click on Advanced options.
    6. Make that Remote Assistance (RA Server TCP-In) is enabled in the Inbound Rules tab.
    7. Make sure port 3389 is open in Properties.

2. Check if all computers use the same network profile type

    1. Your taskbar’s network icon should be clicked (near the clock).
    2. Join the network of your choice, then select Properties.
    3. Choose either Public or Private for all PCs in the Settings window.
    4. Check to see if this resolves your problem.

3. Run SFC scan in PowerShell (Admin)

    1. By pressing Win+X, choose PowerShell (Admin).
    2. Enter after you type the following command:
      • /sfc scannow
    3. As soon as the procedure is finished, see if the problem still exists.

You might wind up giving up Windows’ built-in service if none of these fixes work. Because of its particular characteristics, a dedicated remote program guarantees a more dependable connection to your PC. In addition to the remote control, Mikogo is a well-liked and simple-to-use substitute that offers many helpful functions like meeting hosting, session scheduling, and session recording.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. What does Microsoft Remote Desktop Error Code 0x4 mean?

What causes remote desktop error code 0x4? RDP error number 0x4 typically occurs when the destination computer doesn’t have Remote Desktop enabled, the network is malfunctioning, the firewall is blocking the Microsoft Remote Desktop client, and your Mac’s operating system is too old.

2. Why am I unable to log into my remote computer?

Type “Allow Remote Desktop Connections” into the Start menu. “Change settings to allow remote connections to this machine” should be an option you can find. Next to it, select the “Show settings” link. “Allow Remote Assistance Connections to this Computer” should be checked. Click OK and then Apply.

3. How can a remote desktop error be fixed?

Click Remote settings in the Control Panel Home section. On the Remote tab, click. Depending on your security needs, choose either of the following options under Remote Desktop: Authenticate connections from devices running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)

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4. How to fix error code: 0x104 on Microsoft Remote Desktop?

How to fix error code: 0x104 on Microsoft Remote Desktop? from WindowsHelp

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cannot remote into my desktop from external/outside source but works internally from Windows10