How to Bypass Windows 11’s Driver Pnp Stop Watchdog Code

How to Bypass Windows 11’s Driver Pnp Stop Watchdog Code

Here we can see, “How to Bypass Windows 11’s Driver Pnp Stop Watchdog Code”

  • Malware and viruses and running Windows updates are the two main causes of the obnoxious Driver PNP Watchdog issue.
  • This problem mostly impacts the operating system, making it difficult for you to apply the important updates.
  • In this situation, it is advised that you use the Windows Update troubleshooter.

Windows 11 users may still be overcome with excitement over the new OS. Still, a small number of users are experiencing some issues in specific areas. The problems range from apps crashing and a problematic operating system to BSODs (Black Screen of Death).

Although the Driver PNP Watchdog code is uncommon, when it does appear, people become confused. You should always utilise a Windows Update troubleshooter because it could appear when running a Windows update.

So far, users who have installed the OS might have seen BSODs or Driver PNP Watchdog error codes. Microsoft is continuously working to guarantee that its consumers enjoy the new OS by regularly delivering bug fixes.

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a typical Windows operating system issue. The problem frequently arises when your PC is exposed to odd signals from a component or a serious software mistake.

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Is the Blue Screen of Death Error common?

One of the most typical BSOD errors is the Driver PNP Watchdog one. Keep in mind that the BSOD halt error is a security feature that guards your PC in case of a problem.

When trying to upgrade to Windows 10, this problem that affects the operating system manifests itself. You will be allowed to start the update, but it will be interrupted in the middle. Finally, the Driver PNP Watchdog BSOD will show up.

What causes the Driver PNP Watchdog error?

The primary upgrades cannot be installed because of the Driver PNP Watchdog error, among other restrictions. The issue can arise from several causes, the most common of which are obsolete device drivers, corrupted system files and drives, viruses, and malware.

Since the faults were originally noticed in Windows 3.0, Windows users have been dealing with this threat for a considerable amount of time.

How can I bypass Windows 11’s Driver PNP Watchdog error?

1. Repair the PC Registry by running SFC

    1. Type cmd into your search bar, then click the command prompt’s right arrow to choose Run as administrator. Select Yes.
    2. Add the following command:
      • sfc/scannow
    3. Then key in the command by pressing Enter. As a result, the System File Checker will be prompted to start scanning all system files.
    4. Wait till the scanning is complete. Restarting your computer is the next step. All damaged files have been replaced.

The Driver PNP Watchdog error can be the cause of any troubles your Volume Copy Service is having.

When system files are faulty, it severely damages your Windows registry and causes the Driver PNP Watchdog error to appear.

2. Inspect the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)

  1. The Run dialogue box will appear if you simultaneously press the Win and R keys and then


enter to bring up the Services window.

  2. Double-click the VSS after finding it in the list. This will launch a window for its properties.

  3. Set the Service state to Running and the Startup type to Automatic. To preserve your changes, click Apply and OK after that.

  4. Restart your computer now.

3. Adjust the system services

    1. Enter cmd in your search bar, then choose Run as administrator from the context menu of the Command Prompt. When the User Account Control window appears, select Yes.
    2. Press Enter after each instruction you type in the following order:
      • net stop wuauserv
        net stop cryptSvc
        net stop bits
        net stop appIDsvc
    3. Run the commands mentioned above, then go to
      • Local Disk (C:)\Windows\SoftwareDistribution
    4. And give SoftwareDistribution.old as its new name.
    5. Visit and give catroot2 the name catroot2.old.
      • Local Disk (C:)\Windows\System32\catroot2
    6. Reopen the Command Prompt window, then enter each of the following commands as you type them:
      • net start wuauserv
        net start cryptSvc
        net start bits
        net start msiserver
        net start appIDsvc
    7. Leave the Command Prompt open.
    8. To launch it, right-click the Start button and choose Windows PowerShell (Admin).
    9. Fill in the command:
      • wuauclt.exe /updatenow
    10. and key in “Enter.”

System services are in place to ensure your system operates at its peak potential. Any malfunctioning service results in the Driver PNP Watchdog error.

Now that the system has been restarted, you may see if the Driver PNP Watchdog problem has been fixed. Use the following strategy if the problem is still pressing.

4. Uninstall apps with malware

    1. The Windows Settings panel will open if you press the Win + I keyboard shortcut.
    2. Find the recently installed software and uninstall it.
    3. Check to see whether the issue is still present after restarting your machine.

5. Restore your device to factory settings

    1. The Windows Settings panel will open if you press the Win + I keyboard shortcut.
    2. Choose Update & Security, then choose Recovery from the left-hand menu.
    3. Choose to Get started from the Reset this PC menu.
    4. Choose Remove all or Keep my files. Use the latter as an illustration.
    5. Select “Reinstall Windows 11” from the menu.
    6. Choose either Remove files and clear the drive or Just remove my files.
    7. When the Ready to reset this PC window appears, choose Reset.
    8. Let the reset procedure on your smartphone finish.

6. Use the antivirus to run a full system scan on your PC

    1. The Windows Settings window will open if you press the Win and I keys.
    2. Choose Update & Security, then pick Windows Defender from the list on the left.
    3. Select the button on the right side that says “Open Windows Defender Security Center.”
    4. Select Virus & threat protection when the popup appears.
    5. Next to the Quick scan button, choose Advanced scan.
    6. After finding Full scan, choose Scan now. Windows Defender will begin scanning your computer and generate a thorough report.

Malware and viruses are among the leading causes of the Driver PNP Watchdog problem. The system interacts with the physical device using the important files and data that are stored on your PC.

You can recognize the malware and viruses present using the results of the whole scan. Your antivirus software offers you instructions on how to get rid of them.

7. Use the Windows Update Troubleshooter

    1. The Windows Settings window is opened by pressing the Win and I keys.
    2. Choose Update & Security, then choose Troubleshoot from the left-hand menu.
    3. Search the list on the right for Windows Update. Click Run the troubleshooter after selecting it.

The BSOD may show up whenever Windows Update encounters problems carrying out a particular activity. You can use the Windows Updates troubleshooter to resolve the Driver PNP Watchdog problem.

Even though this article is for Windows 10 users, Windows 11 computers can also utilize it. In the end, restart your computer to see if the issue has been resolved.

How can I avoid the Driver PNP stop Watchdog code error?

Here, keeping as far away from the Watchdog code error problems as possible would be good. The procedures take a long time and are tedious. You would be better off avoiding this mistake.

By doing this, you’ll be able to stay out of trouble at work or school. Making plans to correct the error, though, could be challenging.

Making sure that the hardware and software you purchase are compatible with your device, especially if you plan to use it for a long time, is one way to address the problem.

One of the most significant problems now plaguing Windows 11 customers is the PNP Watchdog code error. Suppose you have tried the fixes mentioned above but are still getting the same issue. In that case, your computer may have a defective motherboard or disc drive.

The drive can be changed, and then you can repeat the procedures above. You should rush to the repair centre to check your machine if the BSOD issue continues.

As was already mentioned, there are a couple of ways to fix the Driver PNP Watchdog problem. Regarding fatal mistakes discovered by PNP, nothing has changed. Users of Windows 11 are also advised to utilize the remedies from this Windows 10 tutorial.

Despite numerous efforts on the part of Microsoft, there are still specific difficulties with the bug check value. The business has planned to transform the well-known BSOD in Windows 11 to Black.

The methods for debugging the error listed above will still work for Windows 11 because this does not imply that the sources of the error will change.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I fix the PNP watchdog for Stop Code drivers?

The Driver PNP Watchdog problem can be brought on by viruses and spyware; therefore you should search your Windows 10 computer for these threats and eliminate them. You can use Windows Defender, a built-in antivirus program, or any other antivirus software to do a complete system scan.

2. How is a PnP error fixed?

Several causes of PNP DETECTED FATAL ERROR include faulty or obsolete drivers, troublesome Windows updates, out-of-date antivirus software, etc. Running the BSOD troubleshooter or the chkdsk scan will quickly fix this error. A troublesome Windows update or device driver can also be removed.

3. How can my PnP driver be updated?

How to Update the Driver for the Generic PnP Monitor. Expand Monitors under the Device driver once more. Update the driver by doing right-clicking on Generic PnP Monitor. Plug and Play, or PnP.

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4. Windows 11 insider preview 22449.1000 (rs_prerelease 

Windows 11 insider preview 22449.1000 (rs_prerelease) failed to install from windowsinsiders

5. GSOD upon installing windows 11 Driver PNP watchdog. I 

GSOD upon installing windows 11 Driver PNP watchdog. I updated all the drivers manually in the device manager. still cant get past green screen. PLZ HELP from windowsinsiders