How to: Fix Your Channel Options Will Be Limited Windows 11 Error

How to: Fix Your Channel Options Will Be Limited Windows 11 Error

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Your Channel Options Will Be Limited Windows 11 Error”

  • Due to current security restrictions implemented by Microsoft in Windows 11, the text “Your channel options will be limited” displays.
  • This implies that if your computer doesn’t have Ryzen 1000 or Intel 6th Gen processors, you won’t be able to download the Windows 11 Preview build from the dev and beta release channels.
  • To switch to Windows 11 Beta or Dev channels and begin receiving the Windows 11 Insider builds, utilize the Windows Registry program.
  • To resolve the error, you can try turning on Secure Boot and TPM (Trusted Platform Module) in the BIOS, even if your hardware is supported.

People worldwide are enthusiastic about Windows 11, which is getting a lot of attention and has a recent build that is worth installing. However, mistakes are not completely improbable.

TPM 2.0 support is one of Microsoft’s baffling list of system prerequisites, which prevents computers with Intel 6th Gen or older processors from running Windows 11.

Throughout the launch, most received the same. Your computer does not meet the minimal hardware requirements for Windows 11. There won’t be many channel alternatives available to you.

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Why am I getting the error message Your channel options will be limited?

    • Your computer’s failure to meet the requirements for Windows 11 could be the cause of the problem.
    • Only computers with Intel 7th Gen or newer and AMD Ryzen 1000 series or newer CPUs can run Windows 11. Also required are the TPM and Secure Boot options to be activated.
    • Let us explain channel options if you’re unsure what they mean. Dev, Beta, and In Release Preview channels are your options when you sign up for the Insiders program.

How do I fix the Your channel options will be limited error?

1. Enable TPM and Secure Boot in BIOS

    1. Head over to the Settings app in Windows 10.
    2. To update and security, go there.
    3. Next, locate and select Recovery from the menu on the left.
    4. Click the Restart now button in the advanced startup section.
    5. Your computer will restart into recovery mode once you do this, where you will see a variety of alternatives. Simply enter after selecting the UEFI Firmware Settings option from the menu.
    6. You should now enter BIOS mode. Not every BIOS is the same. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if yours differs from the one in the attached image.
    7. Locate the TPM option in the security menu by using the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll and the F5/F6 keys to set it to enabled.
    8. Likewise, go to the boot options and turn on Secure Boot.
    9. Save your changes in the Exit section, then leave. You should no longer encounter the Windows 11 error message. Your Channel Options will be Limited after starting Windows 10 and going to the Insiders settings.

Your computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a crucial part that aids in the startup process.

The problem should be resolved if your computer satisfies the hardware requirements for Windows 11 and you enable the TPM option and secure boot.

2. Enabling Dev channel with Windows Registry hacks

    1. Hold down the Windows + R combination of keys to launch the Run program.
    2. Enter “Regedit” and press “OK.”
    3. Go to the following route in the registry editor.
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\UI\Selection
    4. To change the value of the UIBranch from ReleasePreview to Dev, double-click on it.
    5. Change the UIRing value to External and the UIContentType value to Mainline, as indicated in the image above.
    6. Navigate now to the next path.   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\Applicability
    7. Change the BranchName, ContentType, and Ring values to Dev, Mainline, and External, respectively.
    8. Restart your computer after shutting down the registry editor.
    9. Your channel options will be limited in Windows 11 should no longer be an issue once you start receiving Windows 11 preview releases.

Let me give you a word of caution before continuing. Sometimes registry hacking can destroy the OS. Therefore, we advise you to follow the directions carefully.

You should now be a Windows 11 Dev channel member since you have already signed up for the Windows Insider program.

How do I leave the Insiders program?

    • If you no longer wish to get the builds, Microsoft allows you to deregister from the Insiders program.
    • The procedure for unregistering is the same as for registering. Click the Leave the Insiders program option under the Insider program in the Settings menu. If you want, you can reapply.
    • But leaving the Insiders program won’t take you back to Windows 10 after upgrading to Windows 11. If you have a backup of the prior OS, you can roll back using the settings, or you’ll have to clean install Windows 10.

We wouldn’t advise installing preview builds on your work computers because they aren’t very reliable for everyday use. Additionally, before moving on, be careful to make a backup of Windows 10.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Is Windows 11 beta channel safe to use?

By definition, the Beta channel is substantially more stable than the Dev channel. You receive the RTM build, which is maintained for a while before being made available to non-Insiders. The Beta channel can be compared to a safe ring where you can still test out new features.

2. Which is the preferable channel for Windows 11?

You’ll find more polished features in the beta channel that will be implemented in the following significant Windows release. According to Microsoft, early adopters should use this channel since it will be the most influential.

3. In Windows 11, how do I turn off Windows Insider?

To examine your options, navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program > Stop Insider Preview Builds. You can choose to cease receiving preview builds on your device when the following major Windows release is made available to the general public if you are a member of the Beta Channel or the Release Preview Channel.

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