Playstation gamers are pleased with Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man

Playstation gamers are pleased with Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man

Spider-emergence Man’s as a PlayStation console-exclusive character in Marvel’s Avengers, has received great feedback from players.

Spider-Man has finally made his way into Marvel’s Avengers, and the reaction from PlayStation players has been overwhelmingly positive. Before the game was even released last August, Crystal Dynamics announced that the friendly neighborhood web-slinger of comic and movie fame would be coming to Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation-exclusive DLC character, and the Spider-Man: With Great Power event kicked off Tuesday alongside the new Marvel’s Avengers Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound mission.

Spider-Man’s The story content for Marvel‘s Avengers differs from previous DLC characters like Black Panther and Kate Bishop. Instead of a complete story campaign, the Avengers Initiative multiplayer mode tells the plot through unlocked cutscenes and tasks. In his early twenties, a version of Peter Parker joins forces with the Avengers to uncover a covert scheme by A.I.M. in the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event, and pre-release advertising material showed Spidey hanging out with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow in between missions. In Marvel’s Avengers, players can also unlock a range of different Spider-Man clothes, ranging from his traditional Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Armor costumes to suits that respect his comic book origins.

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The Gamer says that now that Spider-Man is playable in the PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers, players are pleasantly surprised by how well the legendary hero performs. Andrekensei had minimal hopes for Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers but was pleasantly surprised by how “quick, engaging, and fluid” the character’s web-swinging transversal gameplay is – even calling it the best in the game aside from flying like Iron Man or Thor. These sentiments were shared by Fortnoir_, who also praised Spidey’s revised Iconic Suit as a unique design that stayed faithful to the character spectators know and love. Finally, freddyste92 just greeted Spidey with a screenshot of the hero physically hanging out with the Avengers at the game’s main menu.

I expected spider-man gameplay to be trash, i was wrong, its fast, fun and fluid, and the web swing is the best transversal besides the flyers ( thor and iron man), sometimes its good to be wrong from PlayAvengers

Well this was fun to get. Really liking Spidey’s gameplay and his iconic suit is a really good original design imo. from PlayAvengers

Welcome to the Avengers, spidey! from PlayAvengers

After Insomniac’s critically praised Marvel’s Spider-Man series set the bar exceedingly high for games featuring Marvel’s most renowned character, not everyone has been on board with the concept of Spider-Man appearing as a PlayStation-exclusive hero in Marvel’s Avengers. While some fans have praised Spidey’s gameplay in Marvel’s Avengers, others believe it is still a step down from his solitary PlayStation adventures. The most common complaint about Spider-gameplay Man’s in Marvel’s Avengers is that players are having trouble adjusting to controlling Spidey differently than in previous Insomniac games, with one example being players attempting to dive after a web swing by pressing the control stick down, as they could in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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Since its release, last August, Marvel’s Avengers has had a challenging first year, with publisher Square Enix reportedly losing money due to the game’s weak early sales and its microtransactions causing substantial controversy. Despite this, Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics maintains the game with new characters and story content long into its second year. It appears that Spider-debut Man’s is a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been a hit so far.

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