Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Festive Trailer Debuts in the World of Tanks

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Festive Trailer Debuts in the World of Tanks

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be a part of World of Tanks’ Holiday Ops 2022 event, with a festive trailer introducing the cooperation.

World of Tanks, a historical shooter, has announced a collaboration with Arnold Schwarzenegger, announcing the news with a festive teaser just in time for the holidays. The trailer teases an especially magical partnership with Schwarzenegger for Holiday Ops 2022, previously partnered up with famous people and businesses such as G.I Joe.

Because of its commitment to detail when it comes to vehicles, World of Tanks has earned a reputation as one of the most historically accurate battle simulations on the market. The game features an extensive and ever-expanding roster of tanks and other vehicles spanning World War II to the mid-twentieth century. Because of the game’s several playing types, players must master their preferred war machines and use strategy and skill to defeat their opponents. Despite emphasizing realism and immersion, World of Tanks teamed with Hot Wheels last year, providing gamers with some lighthearted fun.

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Holiday Ops 2022 will star Arnold Schwarzenegger this year and will provide comparable frivolity and festive fun for World of Tanks fans. Schwarzenegger’s involvement in the game has been announced in a new video from World of Tanks North America, which features a live-action trailer reminiscent of classic Christmas movies, with Schwarzenegger arriving by chopper to grant Little Johnny’s Christmas wish. While the partnership’s entire specifics are currently being kept under wraps, Schwarzenegger expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative and his love of tanks in a news statement, saying:

“Working on this special event with the Wargaming team has been a fantastic experience, and I’m confident it will excite the players. I own an M-47 Patton that I drove in the Austrian Army when I was 18, so I know what it’s like to command these steel creatures! I’m glad we can finally give the fans the partnership they desire after years of my Reddit friends asking me about World of Tanks. If you want to spread the Christmas cheer this year, but the holiday cookie down and get ready to join me for Holiday Ops!”

The teaser for the next star-studded World of Tanks cooperation is jam-packed with holiday happiness, and it even shows what appears to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in-game. Fans will have to wait a little longer to learn about the Holiday Ops 2022 event and what this year’s celebrations will entail for the game. The Holiday Ops event, which ran last year, is scheduled to run throughout the holiday season until New Year’s Eve, with players able to decorate an in-game hamlet, most likely one similar to the one shown in the clip. The event will include in-game incentives, with more information to follow.

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With December already here, the World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022 event will most likely be here before we know it. The free-to-play game will release additional content in the coming days, allowing gamers to jump right into the holiday season. With Chuck Norris joining World of Tanks for the celebration, it may not be easy to top last year’s fan-favorite event. However, if the new Arnold Schwarzenegger trailer is any indication, this year maybe even more amazing. Fans of World of Tanks may follow Wargaming on social media for more information on Holiday Ops 2022, as well as an exclusive Screen Rant interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which will be released soon.

Source: World of Tanks North America/YouTube