Nintendo President Warns of Switch Console Shortages in 2022

Nintendo President Warns of Switch Console Shortages in 2022

Nintendo Japan President Shuntaro Furukawa has stated that a shortfall of Nintendo Switch systems is expected in 2022 due to a parts shortage.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has stated that there is a good chance that Nintendo Switch system shortages may occur in 2022. The Nintendo Switch has been a significant success since its release in 2017; four years later, it is the second-best-selling system globally, with over 92 million copies sold globally. In addition, the console is still in high demand in the retail market some years after release.

The Nintendo Switch’s tremendous success stems in part from its unique design, which allows players to play games on their television and handheld mode. Thanks to the flexible structure and highly coveted exclusive titles like the Mario series and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Units flew off the shelves. High client demand is challenging to keep up with, and it’s even more difficult in a pandemic when companies are generally operating at reduced capacity. Nintendo isn’t the only firm having trouble keeping shelves stocked; system shortages have plagued Sony’s PS5 since its launch.

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According to Nintendo Japan President Shuntaro Furukawa, these supply chain issues would come to a head in 2022. Like many other console supply concerns, the problem originates from a lack of parts. The expected output of Nintendo Switches has been drastically decreased due to a scarcity of semiconductors. WCCFTech has translated a quote from Furukara as follows:

“We lowered our projection for Nintendo Switch hardware by 1.50 million units to 24.00 million units. Because of a modification in our manufacturing plan as a result of the global semiconductor shortage, our shipment expectation for the second half has been lowered.”

Despite the lower-than-expected console manufacturing, Nintendo upped their projected software sales by 10 million units, reaching 200 million in 2022.

This supply chain issue raises concerns about how the semiconductor shortfall would influence Nintendo’s overall output, and, likely, the future shortage of consoles will also apply to the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which was previously subject to a lack. While this anticipated shortage will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the continuous challenges with obtaining other consoles, it will be upsetting for Nintendo enthusiasts who have yet to purchase the device. In addition, because of the high demand and limited supply for these consoles, scalpers are expected to emerge, forcing many Nintendo fans to pay far more for the console than at a retail store.

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It’s unclear how long the components scarcity will remain or how it will affect the company’s long-term output, including future projects. While the Nintendo Switch Pro is currently merely a rumour, a shortage of critical components could cause a delay in its arrival. Fortunately for Switch fans, this anticipated decrease in availability occurs after the 2021 holiday season, allowing many to obtain the console before it becomes scarce.

Source: WCCFTech