PlayStation 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know (Part 1)

PlayStation 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know (Part 1)

Here we can see “PlayStation 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know (Part 1)”

A free downloadable cheat sheet has a wealth of information on how to get the most out of your PS5 console.

Sony’s debut into the ninth generation of consoles, the PlayStation 5, has a lot to offer. An ultra-fast SSD and enough horsepower to run games at 4K and high frame rates are housed within its massive body.

Whether you’ve just gotten your hands on a PS5 or have had one from launch, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of your time with it. First, take a look at the list below, which is chock-full of PS5-related advice.

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The Most Useful PlayStation 5 Tips and Tricks

Choosing Between PS5 Models
1If you don't have any physical PS4 games and have no plans to buy PS5 games on disc, the PS5 Digital Edition is the only option.
2The regular PS5 model with a disc drive costs $100 extra, but you'll easily save more than that on old games, disc sales, and so on during the life of the system.
3There are no major updates to the PS5 hardware as of October 2021. If you think waiting for a skinny version and special editions is worth it, you may pre-order them now.
PS5 Hardware
4The power cord, HDMI output, Ethernet, and two USB-A ports are all located on the back of the PS5. Connect external storage or charging cords to the USB ports.
5On the regular PS5, there are two buttons on the front and a USB-C port and another USB-A port. The Power button is closer to the system's bottom, whereas the Eject button is higher up.
6Connect external storage or charging cords to the USB ports.
7The top lights on the PS5 are white when it is turned on. They're orange when they're in Rest Mode. When the PS5 is entirely shut down, the lights turn off, and they pulse between boot-up and shutdown.
8The PS5 can be placed horizontally or vertically. Use the PS5's stand to secure it in place, whichever option you choose.
9You can play PS4 games on an external device that has been formatted for usage with the PS5. PS5 games can be stored on external discs for eventual transfer to system storage, but they cannot be played there.
10You can also use flash drives to keep screenshots, movies, and data without formatting them. A USB drive can also be used to play media on the PS5.
11A suitable M.2 SSD can be installed in the PS5's internal slot. Installing one of these expands your storage space for PS5 games.
The DualSense Controller
12The PS5 controller incorporates adaptive triggers, which dynamically modify their resistance based on in-game activities.
13Settings > Accessories > Controllers allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the triggers and other controller variables.
14A microphone is included in your DualSense controller. The adaptive trigger intensity is reduced when you use it to eliminate unwanted noise.
15Press the little minus-shaped button beneath the PS button (built-in or external) to mute your microphone. When you're muted, the light will turn orange. To muffle all sounds, press and hold the button for a few seconds.
16A touchpad is located in the controller's centre front. You can move around map screens and other similar screens by scrolling your finger across them. Similar to Select on other systems, pressing the touchpad in is also a button.
17To take screenshots and videos of your gaming, press the Share button to the left of the touchpad. You may also use this button to open and browse the media library.
18Change the behaviour of the Share button, as well as capture features like automatic trophy clips and video quality, by going to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts.
19PS4 DualShock 4 controllers can be connected to your PS5 and used. However, they are only compatible with PS4 games; PS5 games cannot be played with PS4 controllers.
20Connect a regular 3.5mm cable to the jack on the bottom of your controller if you wish to play with headphones.
21To switch your controller off and save the battery, press and hold the PS button for about 10 seconds.
PS5 Basics
22Go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings to install the latest system updates. You can also have your system install them for you on this menu.
23By default, your PS5's home screen displays your Games collection. To access apps like Netflix and Spotify, go to the Media tab at the top of the screen.
24If the game you seek isn't on the recent apps list, go to the far right side and pick Game Library. You can look through all of your games here, whether they're installed or not.
25To add more profiles to your console, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Users.
26Use the Search icon in the top-right corner of your home screen. This makes it simple to locate any game you own, search for titles on the PlayStation Store, and locate other gamers.
27You can examine your profile, see trophies, and make yourself appear offline by clicking on your avatar in the top-right corner of the home menu.
28To access the fast menu, press the PS button on your controller. It provides useful shortcuts to common functions. To personalise your controller, press the Options button.
29Use the Game Base icon on the fast menu to see what your friends are up to and create parties.
PS5 Games
30Almost all PS4 games are backwards compatible with the PS5. So insert the PS4 disc (or download the game from your digital library if you have a conventional PS5).
31To buy digital games, go to the PlayStation Store from the home screen. There are regular deals to watch; digital titles are useful because they can be played straight away.
32On the base model PS5, buying discs can help you save money by allowing you to take advantage of in-store specials or borrow from friends. However, you can only make digital purchases if you have the PS5 Digital Edition.
33Check to see if you're getting the PS5 version of a cross-generational game when you buy it from the PlayStation Store. A PS5 or PS4 tag is readily visible on each title.
34Sony's game streaming service is known as PlayStation Now. For a monthly fee, you can access a library of titles. So if you're interested in the games on offer, give it a shot.
35Astro's Playroom is a free PlayStation 5 add-on title. It's worth playing because it's entertaining and effectively showcases the DualSense controller's advantages.
PlayStation Plus
36Online multiplayer, several free games per month, access to top PS4 titles in the PS Plus Collection, and cloud storage for your game saves are just a few of the perks that come with PS Plus.
37Subscription cards are frequently on sale around Black Friday and the Christmas season, so delaying your renewal can save you money.
38Other users on your system can enjoy online multiplayer and access to PS Plus games if you enable the option under Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Console Sharing and Offline Play.
The PlayStation App, Website, and Remote Play
39To buy games, download purchased titles to your system from anywhere, chat with your PSN pals, and more, download the PlayStation App for Android or iPhone.
40Many of the same features are available on the PlayStation Store's website. So, for example, you may purchase a game at work and have it downloaded by the time you get home.
41Remote Play on your PS5 allows you to stream games from your console to a phone, tablet, or computer. Details can be found on the Remote Play page.
42Signing up for PSPrices is a terrific idea, even though it isn't an official website. It's a convenient service for getting discount notifications and keeping track of your wishlist.
Miscellaneous PS5 Tips
43At Settings > Storage, keep an eye on how much storage you have left. You'll be able to view any additional storage you've added and control it here (including deleting parts of some games).
44Choose defaults for all games, such as inverting the Y-axis, by going to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Game Presets.
45You can choose between Resolution and Performance modes using one of the options on that menu. Unfortunately, resolution compromises some expensive visual elements like ray tracing to run the game at a smoother frame rate.
46Select your profile icon in the top-right corner of the home screen, then navigate to Profile > Games to see how much time you've spent playing each game.
47Go to Settings > Notifications if you're irritated by some notifications or wish to prohibit them from displaying in certain scenarios.
48Visit Settings > System > Power Saving to control what your PS5 can do in Rest Mode and how long before your console and controller turn off automatically.
49Cards that help you enter into other game activities quickly can be found by scrolling down below a game's icon on the main screen. To start one, press Square.
50Go to Users and Accounts > Users and Accounts > Users and Accounts > Users and Accounts > Users and If you want to post video clips to YouTube, stream to Twitch, listen to Spotify while gaming, or send screenshots to Twitter, connect with other services.
51You can customise the data you share with other players and PlayStation by going to Settings > Users & Accounts > Privacy.
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Take Advantage of Everything the PlayStation 5 Has to Offer

You now have a better understanding of how your PS5 console operates and how to make the most of its settings and capabilities. In addition, exclusive games and new features added via system updates will give the system even more value in the future.

There are many alternatives for adding a controller to your PS5 if you frequently play local multiplayer or want a backup controller if yours breaks.


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User Questions:

1. What do you think is the best feature of PlayStation 5?

The most important thing to remember is that the PS5 is Sony’s latest platform, succeeding the PS4 Pro as the company’s most powerful offering. In addition, the PS5 is a speedier and more capable console thanks to its improved CPU, GPU, and inbuilt NVMe SSD.

2. Should you turn off the PS5?

Rest mode is convenient, but it isn’t necessarily essential. Thus, PS5 owners concerned (or affected) should avoid using it until Sony has addressed the issue properly.

3. Will dust harms the PS5?

The PlayStation 5’s performance may hold up over time, but due to an abundance of dust, it may begin to throttle and overheat due to a lack of enough airflow. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight, but if you leave your PS5 in a dusty room for long enough, it’ll start acting up.

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