Minecraft Video Demonstrates How Biomes Have Changed Over Time

Minecraft Video Demonstrates How Biomes Have Changed Over Time

On Reddit, a seasoned Minecraft player shared a timelapse video showcasing how drastically one world may alter due to the game’s changes.

Minecraft’s updates have drastically changed the game in the ten years since it was first published, and one player’s video demonstrates just how much. For seasoned Minecraft players, this is a nostalgic walk down memory lane, as well as a glimpse into the past for those who weren’t around when the game was in its infancy. It’s also a great testimony to Minecraft’s evolution to discover which biomes have been around for a long time.

Minecraft has changed dramatically since it was released in beta after eight major updates. Minecraft worlds didn’t feature proper biomes in the first version of the game; they were included later in the Alpha version. The rain forest, taiga, tundra, plains, marshes, desert, and forest were among the original biomes, and they would mainly make up the game’s base for years. Over time, more biomes would be introduced, including ocean and river biomes, as well as the bizarre mushroom island biome. Players have spent years exploring these huge biomes, each with its own set of critters, structures, and creation laws. One Minecraft player celebrated all those years of exploration and change in a single video.

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User Fakename Bill posted a timelapse video of the same seed on Reddit, showing how each new version of Minecraft changes the way biomes are formed. For example, there was nothing but land and a few waterways in the game’s first edition. Still, as the seed grew older, it added different water configurations, other mountains and peaks, deserts and tundras. Eventually, it ended up with a jumble of icy peaks, rivers and lakes, deserts, and many types of woods.

11 years of Minecraft biome system updates, shown in the same region of the same seed from Minecraft

With the arrival of new cave biomes like the Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves in the 1.18 release, the world generation rules were once again altered. Compared to previous years, the worlds have also increased, since generation allows the worlds to expand to new heights and depths. The cliffs change mountain generation and introduce additional threats to the snowy biomes across Minecraft worlds, affecting overworld biomes.

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The worlds of Minecraft have gone a long way in the more than ten years since the game was initially released, as Fakename Bill’s video shows. Nevertheless, Minecraft is still one of the most popular games on the planet, and the upcoming Minecraft update, dubbed The Wild Update, is likely to shake up players’ worlds once more. Perhaps in twenty years, people will look back on the Minecraft worlds they are playing now with the same awe as those who looked back on the beta worlds.

Minecraft is a game that may be played on any platform.

Source: Fakename_Bill/Reddit