Minecraft Player Builds Functional Erupting Volcano

Minecraft Player Builds Functional Erupting Volcano

A creative Minecraft player created an actively erupting volcano that shoots fireballs into the sky for added realism.

A creative Minecraft user has created an active volcano that explodes with fireballs. After a decade on the market, the massively popular sandbox title’s user base continues to develop innovative build ideas and push the boundaries of what can be done in-game. Mods such as one that restores the mystery of Minecraft are among the most important contributors for gamers wishing to put a new spin on the best-selling video game of all time.

Many of the buildings that have come to represent Minecraft’s identity are gigantic in scale and span whole planets. However, it appears that a substantial subset of gamers has recently attempted to push the game’s bounds in a different, yet no less spectacular, approach by developing functional builds. These operational devices, which frequently rely on the game’s Redstone mechanic, have grown in size and scale, with one player creating a working tank in Minecraft owing to some creative TNT use. Another person has now taken things to a whole new scale by constructing a volcano that erupts.

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While reddit user Uneavar’s volcano does not appear to be as lifelike as found in the real world, it is functioning and does erupt in a worthy replica of a real-life volcano. At this point in the development, the mechanism that appears to allow it to erupt is completely apparent, and sophisticated Redstone mechanics can be seen leading from the volcano to the pressure plate that activates its eruption. In addition, arrows are fired from within the lava to create fireballs that scatter around the structure once the volcano erupts.

Made an Erupting Volcano from Minecraft

Working volcanoes are nothing new in Minecraft, but Uneavar distinguishes theirs by the way their creation erupts. It appears that it does not use the same procedures as the popular Vol-carb-o build. Some readers have suggested to Uneavar that they incorporate some of those physics into their design, combining the two ways for a much more realistic effect.

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The disadvantage of available builds, such as Minecraft map rooms, is that they cause the game to lag more than traditional constructions. Despite this, gamers continue to be drawn to them, and scale remains the game’s name for the popular sandbox title. The Minecraft community will continue to test the limits of how massive functioning constructs can be. As game hardware improves with each generation, the possibilities of what can be done will grow. This is how Minecraft has remained popular for almost a decade, and that popularity is unlikely to fade very soon.

Minecraft may be found on all platforms.

Source: Uneavar/Reddit