Meta Project Nazare are the real Facebook AR glasses

Meta Project Nazare are the real Facebook AR glasses

One of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s most notable announcements this week was a pair of augmented reality spectacles. The gear is being developed by Facebook and Oculus, which were previously known as Facebook and Oculus. They’re now all part of the Meta brand, and they want to present an all-encompassing environment in which we’ll all be able to live online. Project Nazare will make this possible.

Facebook established a partnership with Ray-Ban earlier this year. Ray-Ban Stories is a set of glasses that can take images, and… that’s all there is to it. When Ray-Ban Stories was announced, it almost seemed like they were a half-step (or less) towards real-life augmented reality glasses.

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Over the last year, there have been rumors that Facebook and Oculus were working on real AR glasses, but they haven’t materialized in any substantial sense. Project Nazare, a pair of spectacles that would fit AR graphics within, was mentioned by Zuckerberg during Facebook Connect 2021.

“Hologram displays, projectors, batteries, radios, bespoke silicon chips, cameras, speakers, sensors to map the world around you, and more” will be included in these spectacles. These glasses are currently in development and will have a thickness of roughly 5mm. Between now and the time Project Nazare is ready for public viewing, a lot can happen.

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It’ll be “a few years” before this set of augmented reality glasses is ready for purchase and use by the general public. Before then, we’re likely to see a few more identical pieces of hardware from Meta, with virtual reality as the primary presentation and purpose. The metaverse is the ultimate goal of Meta’s future, and Meta aspires to be the Facebook of the metaverse — the site we go and the tools we use because everyone else does. Please cross your fingers that someone else will open-source the metaverse and make it open and free before Zuckerberg does.

Source: slashgear