Here we can see, “map.exe”

The map.exe program shows the locations of volumes on a user’s hard drive. Only the Windows Recovery Console supports it.


Arguments enclosed in square brackets ([]) are optional.

map [arc]


Inside the Windows Recovery Console, you can use the map command. The map command returns a list of volumes and the hard drives they belong to. The type of filesystem and the size of each disk in megabytes are also displayed on the map (MB). This command comes in very handy when using the fixboot and fixmbr commands.

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The possibilities are as follows:


The device names are displayed using the Advanced RISC Computing naming convention with the arc Arc parameter.

Exit Status

If the Exit Status map command succeeds, it returns 0; otherwise, it returns 1.


To see the volume names before using them with the fixmbr or fixboot commands, do the following:


The following is an example of the output:

C: NTFS 1024MB \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1
E: \Device\CdRom0


Windows 2000 and Windows XP support the compatibility map command.


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User Questions 

1. What exactly is Maps.exe?

Cerulean Studios’ 0.17 sparked the most recent creation of Maps.exe. It’s also known as a Windows Executable file (with the EXE extension), and it’s a type of Executable Application (Windows Executable) file. Trillian 6.1. 0.17, Avira Free Antivirus 15.0. 1909.1591 and Windows 10 are all included in Maps.exe.

2. What is the best way to navigate an EXE file?

Most of the time, EXE files are opened by double-clicking them on Windows. Go to Start and select the “Search” option to get started. Windows displays a list of the files it detects when you type the EXE file name you want to access. To open the EXE file, double-click on its name.

3. What exactly is find exe?

What exactly is Find.exe? Find.exe is a Microsoft Corporation file that is part of the Windows operating system. It isn’t a part of the Windows operating system. Find.exe is software that supports the other applications and programs that operate on the Windows operating system. It’s usually located in C:windowssystem32.

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