Here we can see “fixboot.exe”

The fixboot program modifies a partition’s bootsector code. Only the Windows Recovery Console has access to this command.


fixboot {DriveLetter:}


Fixboot is a Windows 2000 and XP tool for updating the partition bootsector code, responsible for loading and operating the NTLDR bootloader.

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The possibilities are as follows:


Updates the partition bootsector code for the drive letter-specified partition. If a volume with a specified letter doesn’t exist, or if a volume with a specific letter isn’t attached to a primary disk partition, the bootsector code isn’t updated.

Status of Exit

If the fixboot function succeeds, it returns 0; otherwise, it returns 1.


The partition bootsector of a drive named C: should be updated.

fixboot C:


The fixboot software works with Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Microsoft Server 2003.


In Windows Vista, the fixboot application was replaced by bootrec.exe /mbr.


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User Questions

1. What does the Bootrec exe FixBoot do? 

This option uses a boot sector compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7 to write a fresh boot sector to the system partition. If one of the following circumstances applies, select this option: A nonstandard Windows Vista or Windows 7 boot sector was substituted for the boot sector.

2. What is the best way to fix startup repair?

To begin, shut down the computer completely. After that, please turn it on and hold down the F8 key as it boots up. You’ll be taken to the Advanced Boot Options page, from which you can start Safe Mode. Run startup repair by selecting “Repair Your Computer.”

3. Is Fixmbr going to delete my data?

There should be no risk of data loss if you use the “fixmbr” command from the Recovery Console. This might happen only if the command changed the Partition Table; however, it will only do so if the Partition Table is corrupt, and it will alert you before making any changes.

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4. access denied when trying to use bootrec /fixboot to fix my corrupted win10 boot

access denied when trying to use bootrec /fixboot to fix my corrupted win10 boot from techsupport

5. bootrec /fixboot on Win10 simply Doesn’t Work any more..?

bootrec /fixboot on Win10 simply Doesn’t Work any more..? from sysadmin